A Brief History of iLife Robotic Vacuums

iLife Robotic is also an intelligent floor sweeper brand from Shenzhen, China, and their products are also sold in China and Europe, winning the approval of many consumers.The company’s Chinese name is “Zhiyi 智意”, and its vision is to “make cleaning simpler and life better”, bringing a more convenient and intelligent lifestyle to consumers around … Read more

Xiaomi 1c (Mi Robot Vacuum Mop) teardown video

Although many people are already familiar with the product of sweeping robots, and even use it every day, many people actually know very little about the interior of such high-tech products. Why can these sweepers see the sofas and tables and chairs at home? And how do they ensure that they use a reasonable path … Read more

Why many different brands and models of Robotic Vacuums accessories are compatible


When purchasing accessories, many users often find that one set of accessories is likely to be compatible with other models, and some are not even the same brand of equipment. For example, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is not only compatible with the Viomi V2/V3/V2Pro, which are also part of the Xiaomi eco-chain, but … Read more

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner product history introduction

Mijia Brand

It is well known that Xiaomi’s Mi sweeper products(Robotic Vacuum Cleaners) are very popular in some countries and markets, so the history of the development of Xiaomi sweeper products may not be clear to most people, today we will briefly introduce it. The first generation of Xiaomi Mijia sweeper( Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner) was actually … Read more

As long as the laser navigation sweeper, cleaning effect is the same?

Laser navigation sweeper laser head is essentially a laser rangefinder, by rotating a circle to measure the distance between the body and the surrounding obstacles to position themselves, and just know their relative position. The follow-up by continuing to measure, calculate, stacking to obtain indoor floor plans and planning walking paths are dependent on the … Read more

Hello Vacuums Lovers

This is a blog dedicated to introducing and sharing Domestic vacuum cleaner sweeper products and accessories, we hope to persist in bringing you quality content for a long time, and we will be able to provide some help when you encounter problems in buying and using these products. We also welcome some experienced and veteran … Read more