DreameBot L10 Ultra vs L20 Ultra, What Is The Difference

Today, robotic vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable part of modern households, playing a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness. In this comparison, we will delve into the differences between the DreameBot L10 Ultra and L20 Ultra robotic vacuum cleaners, exploring their excellence in the realm of intelligent cleaning.

DreameBot L10 Ultra vs DreameBot L20 Ultra
DreameBot L10 Ultra vs DreameBot L20 Ultra

DreameBot L10 Ultra vs L20 Ultra: Common Features

Both models share several similarities. In terms of appearance, they both come with a charging base, and the bottom of the robots features dual mopping pads, while the top includes raised sensors.

Functionally, they boast advanced technologies and features. Such as automatic dust disposal, mopping with washing and drying capabilities, AI obstacle avoidance, and voice control.

Points of Distinction

In the field of robotic vacuum cleaners, it’s not uncommon to observe that later releases tend to be more advanced. The L20 Ultra is Dreame’s latest model, representing an upgrade from the L10 Ultra.

Suction Power

Suction power is a crucial metric for assessing a robotic vacuum cleaner’s cleaning ability. The L10 Ultra boasts a maximum suction power of 5300Pa, while the L20 Ultra’s maximum suction power is an impressive 7000Pa. This implies that the L20 Ultra can more effectively remove dust, hair, and debris from the floor, especially on carpets.

However, powerful suction also means increased noise levels. A suction power of 5300Pa is sufficient for general household cleaning, unless you have specific requirements, making the L10 Ultra a solid choice.

Edge Cleaning

The L20 Ultra introduces a unique global technology—edge cleaning. When the robotic vacuum encounters a wall, a biomimetic robotic arm extends the mopping pad towards the wall, cleaning the corners effectively.

Adjustable Roller Brush

Compared to the L10 Ultra, the L20 Ultra features an adjustable roller brush. In mopping mode, the roller brush can lift actively, preventing contact with the floor. This helps prevent the spread of dirt and mucus, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

Moreover, the lifting of the roller brush aids in preventing the inhalation of moisture during mopping, avoiding issues like mold and unpleasant odors in the dustbin. Therefore, the L20 Ultra achieves a true automatic sweep/mop switch, enhancing the effectiveness of wet and dry separation.


The L20 Ultra surpasses the L10 Ultra in terms of intelligence. It employs 3D structured light technology, emitting special light and detecting the reflected light characteristics to precisely capture the three-dimensional shape and structure of objects.

This technology enhances the L20 Ultra’s navigation capabilities in low-light conditions. When the robot operates in dimly lit rooms, it activates the built-in LED lights to aid in obstacle recognition.


Overall, both models offer powerful cleaning capabilities, but the L20 Ultra stands out with its higher suction power, edge cleaning technology, adjustable roller brush, and enhanced intelligence. It makes DreameBot L20 Ultra a more advanced choice for those seeking top-notch robotic vacuum performance.

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