Eufy Robovac G32 Pro VS Eufy RoboVac G30 Review: Which one is a good choice for 2023?

When we face the choice between Eufy Robovac G32 and Eufy Robovac G30. It’s hard to choose, especially when the name is too similar for consumers to distinguish them immediately. In this review, you can depend on some distinction between the two to decide which one is a good choice for 2023. Eufy Robovac G32 … Read more

Which One is Better? Roborock S5 Max VS Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

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Form Follows Function: the Curation of Dyson Color Palettes

At the beginning, Dyson colors complement form and function. When we launched DC01 chose a gray silver speckled color to emphasize the solid technical geometry, industrial ‘steel-like’ functionality and strength of the product. The yellow color was chosen for its high visibility and associations with heavy industrial machinery“, said Dyson. Appearance always goes hand in … Read more

How does Robot Vacuum Cleaner Navigate?

Today’s vacuums can vacuum, sweep and mop your home. At the same time avoid hitting things and falling down stairs. So how does a robot vacuum cleaner navigate? Robotic vacuums use advanced vacuum navigation systems. It can map your home and store that information. Types of Surveying and Mapping Camera-based mapping The robot uses an … Read more