Lydsto R5 3000Pa Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop Review

Review: Lydsto R5 3000Pa Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop. You may have also noticed Lydsto’s latest models R5 and R5D. You may have also noticed Lydsto’s latest models R5 and R5D. The difference between the two is that R5D comes with a base station. As the newest product in the R series, let’s take a look at its performance and whether it is worth buying. Let us take a review of Lydsto R5.

From its appearance, it looks very similar to Lydsto R1 Pro, both featuring black and white colors.

The suction power of this model is 3000Pa, which is not an upgrade in terms of suction function. Compared to the popular W2 model with 5000Pa, it even has a slight decrease. However, the good thing is that the dust bag capacity remains at 3L, which allows you to go for 30 days without having to empty the trash. The automatic garbage cleaning feature is a blessing for lazy people.

One of the more unique features is the intelligent trash can safety alert. Equipped with an LPS22HBTR sensor, it can detect issues such as dust blockages, malfunctions, and full garbage bins.

In addition, Lydsto is equipped with the new generation LD14P LiDAR which can perform 360° omnidirectional scanning on a 2D plane. It achieves high-precision distance measurement and accurate path planning within an 8-meter range. What is more, 3 sensors to avoid falling from a height above 8cm. Review: Lydsto R5

Lydsto R5

In terms of detecting obstacles, 15 types of 24 sensors are equipped to accurately detect and identify obstacles.

During the cleaning process, when the battery level falls below 15%, the device will automatically return to its charging dock to recharge. After completing the cleaning in automatic mode, the device will also return to the charging dock to recharge

However, in terms of performance compared to R3, only suction size and dust bag capacity are the same. Other aspects, especially battery capacity, which is 2600 mAh are a bit small and there is no official indication of working time. If your home has a large space, it may not be possible to complete a full cleaning at once. Fortunately, it comes with an automatic return charging function.

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