Why many different brands and models of Robotic Vacuums accessories are compatible


When purchasing accessories, many users often find that one set of accessories is likely to be compatible with other models, and some are not even the same brand of equipment. For example, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is not only compatible with the Viomi V2/V3/V2Pro, which are also part of the Xiaomi eco-chain, but … Read more

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner product history introduction

Mijia Brand

It is well known that Xiaomi’s Mi sweeper products(Robotic Vacuum Cleaners) are very popular in some countries and markets, so the history of the development of Xiaomi sweeper products may not be clear to most people, today we will briefly introduce it. The first generation of Xiaomi Mijia sweeper( Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner) was actually … Read more

Viomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Compare to Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P

Viomi Series

Viomi is a Xiaomi eco-chain company, with Xiaomi Technology as its earliest investment company. The company started as a water purifier OEM for Xiaomi and has grown into a whole-house Internet appliance company that is listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ:VIOT). The Xiaomi Mi 1Gen and 1s we know are produced by Roborock. The Xiaomi Mi Robot … Read more