How to use a Chinese version Roborock S7 MaxV out of China

Recently Roborock launched its latest model, S7 MaxV, which has caught the eyes of many consumers. This robot is very impressive and very comprehensive, and can be considered the flagship model of the year 2022. But unfortunately, there are some countries where users cannot buy this machine in time. Some non-Chinese users have solved this … Read more

eufy robovac G20? How to review anker’s newly released robotic vacuum

We recently saw eufy, a smart home brand under the well-known rechargeable brand anker, launch a new sweeping robot product – eufy robovac G20. This product has just recently hit the official store and Amazon, it is still difficult to find relevant review articles and videos on the Internet, but I am very interested in … Read more

What’s the difference between Roborock s7 Auto-Empty Dock 1.8L and 3L Dust Bags

Many people who buy a Roborock S7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will also be interested in their official set of automatic dust collection holders (also called Auto Empty Dock), as this makes cleaning easier by reducing the number of times the dust box inside the machine has to be cleaned. Automatic dust collection is now a … Read more

Where to buy the Replacement Filters for BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster HHVKF10

For those of you who use the BLACK+DECKER HHVK* Dustbuster handheld Vacuum Cleaners, you will often struggle to find HHVKF10 filter accessories, as these filters can become clogged and broken to varying degrees over time, and without access to suitable replacement filters, the whole hoover will no longer work. So this is a very important … Read more