eufy robovac G20? How to review anker’s newly released robotic vacuum

We recently saw eufy, a smart home brand under the well-known rechargeable brand anker, launch a new sweeping robot product – eufy robovac G20.

This product has just recently hit the official store and Amazon, it is still difficult to find relevant review articles and videos on the Internet, but I am very interested in this product because eufy has not launched a phenomenal new product recently (the previously launched robovac x8 does not seem to sell well).

I searched YouTube for a review unboxing video of this robot and saw 1 point on its outer packaging that appealed to me.

eufy g20 5X suction
5X More Power+ Superior Clean

5X more power+

From our experience, 5X suction is a very impressive marketing term, but what kind of value is this 5X? When I opened its official web page and read it carefully I saw the following description:

  • 5× More Suction Power*: With 2500 Pa suction strength, RoboVac G20 easily cleans daily messes.
    *Compared with RoboVac 10.
eufy robovac g20 official page
eufy official website description

Yes, this 5x is based on a Robovac 10 model, which is a vintage device from about 6 years ago. Based on the eufy robovac G20’s current 2500Pa suction parameters, it is simple to calculate that the Robovac 10 was an entry-level sweeper with 500Pa suction.

how about a robovac 10
A review of robovac 10 done by other media in mid-2016

Now that you’ve figured out who to compare it to, do you feel differently about this 5X more power+? To be honest, I feel offended that eufy is taking consumers for fools. The most disgusting thing is that those YouTubers are paid to do these misleading video promotions for manufacturers, knowing that it’s 2022 and many good LDS-navigated floor sweepers are priced at just $200. eufy is charging $279.99 for this machine, which is like a money grab.

In all honesty, the eufy 11s series is doing very well, although the configuration doesn’t look that high, but the daily performance is indeed very affordable for that price. If eufy continues to launch such good value products, we will welcome it very much, but now for the eufy robovac G20 marketing operation, we are very disappointed.

If you are reading this article, I suggest you consider other brands of robotic vacuum cleaners.

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