Is Roborock S8 worth buying? Check out these 10 questions first

Roborock company has released a new flagship vacuum cleaner robot product, the Roborock S8, this year. This is currently the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner product under the company’s brand. The official claims that it has strong upgrades in all aspects compared to the previous Roborock S7 series. So, is Roborock S8 worth buying? Before placing an order, I believe many buyers will have some concerns they want to clarify.

Roborock S8 Standard Version Model in Black and White Color
The basic version of Roborock S8 is launched with a discount of 150 euros.

A few days ago, the new Roborock S8 series was launched in Germany and France markets. Some buyers have already received the machines and have first-hand user experience. Today, let’s take a look at some user discussions on Reddit.

Questions from potential buyer and Direct feedback from users who have purchased the machine

  • Q1: Can it clean carpet then travel to tiles and mop?

Yes. Slightly depending on the height of the carpet it touches or not. The raising of the mop pad is a couple of mm. Additionally, you can program vacuum only routines and mop routines which then avoid carpet.

  • Q2: Does it need lights on when doing anything?

No lights. Infrared and LiDAR, it seems.

  • Q3: Can it be controlled from the app?

Yes. Even has a joystick mode or a “go here and clean mode”

  • Q4: Can you use it as a mobile camera when you’re not home?

No. Haven’t found that yet. Doesn’t seem like it.

  • Q5: Is the battery easily replaced?

Haven’t tried this, but previous models seemed to be pretty reparable.

  • Q6: One side brush or two?

One brush on the right. During “perimeter” sweeps, it always goes against the clock.

  • Q7: Double rollers like a Roomba or a single one?


  • Q8: does it do initial making better than a Deebot? (I just returned one)

Have seen Deebots, but not sure what you mean with “initial making”.

  • Q9: Is the more expensive s8 much better than the standard one?

More expensive ones are more expensive due to the dock. The base model is almost the same. Only difference is the reservoirs per dock, as some refill and clean out. This requires different reservoirs.

  • Q10: Has anything been disappointing yet?

Not yet. First, I wasn’t impressed with the mopping. But then I read the instructions. If you mop manually. You need to pre-wet the pad. If you do it on a schedule. It will pre-wet the pad itself. App works very nice. Robot drives very precise. Avoids legs on mm to spare. Impressed.

From the replies to the above questions, it can be seen that users of Roborock S8 are generally satisfied with this machine and believe that it is worth its price.

So the final conclusion is: Roborock S8 worth buying

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