AliExpress Aftersale Service. How to apply for a refund or dispute?

Follow these steps for you to apply for a refund or dispute on Aliexpress.

How to apply for a refund or dispute in AliExpress? In this article, you’ll find:

  • When can you get a refund
  • How to apply for a refund

When can you get a refund?

Order not shipped out

If the seller has not yet shipped out your order, then you can cancel for a refund:

click here to know how to cancel a dispute
click here to know how to cancel a dispute
click ‘Cancel order’

The refund will return to you in 3-20 business days depending on your payment method.

Order shipped out by not received
if the seller has shipped out the order but you haven’t received it yet,
  • Start a dispute by going to Account > Order > order details of the specific order and open a dispute
  • Select Refund only for the application type
Select the dispute details
Select the reason why you are applying for a refund
Specify the refund amount you’d like [shipping fee refund will be applicable if you return the entire order]
Select & confirm the refund method where you’d like to receive the refund amount to get debited.
  • Describe the issue and add relevant images
    • Explain why you should receive the specified refund amount. More context will help your case. Attach relevant images and videos to support your reason and explanation.
    Please note: the image should be up to 5MB and the video can be up to 2GB (supporting formats: PNG, JPG, MP4, GIF)
  • Check the progress of your refund
    • The seller will respond within 5 days after this & keep an eye on updates. To check the progress of your update;
    • Go to Account > Order> Order details of the item you want to refund
    • Click on Handle now to take any action
Refund ended
However, on the agreement, a refund will be sent to the Refund method selected. It takes 3-20 business days for the refund amount to be reflected in the system. You can check the payment method or the dispute dashboard to ensure a refund has been received.

If you don’t know the basic logic of shopping on AliExpress. You can read another passage about it.

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