The Comparison between Roomba Combo J7+ and Roomba J7+

The Combo J7+ is another step for iRobot in diversifying its product offerings as the first with hybrid functionality of a robot vacuum and mop. This article amed to introduce the Comparison between Roomba Combo J7+ and Roomba J7+. iRobot finally acquiesced and released hybrid option with mopping and vacuuming functions, but its design is unique. One significant deciding factor between … Read more

The Brief Review : DreameBot L10s Ultra

Ultra Automatic . Ultra Clean Dreametech launched the latest robot vacuum cleaner. Comparing with another models. This machine has many unique features. Take the hands-off approach to cleaning with automatic emptying, mop washing, hot air drying, and water adding, that tackles tough messes throughout your home—so you don’t have to dump the dust and wash the mops. … Read more