Dreame H12 Pro Plus

Dreame H12 Pro Plus. As an upgraded version of H12 Pro

Dreame H12 Pro Plus. As an upgraded version of H12 Pro. It features quick drying and silver ion antibacterial function with the Used Water Tank.

Design and Appearance

Dreame H12 Pro Plus has a clean, minimalistic design featuring a round body and handle. The body has a matte finish in a modern dark grey colour, which will blend in seamlessly in any house. The overall construction of Dreame H12 Pro Plus looks well done and sturdy. The charging dock is made of plastic and has useful accessory holders to keep your cleaning brush. The docking point is easy to connect as well.

Self-cleaning and Hot air drying

Once you are done cleaning. Then simply dock Dreame H2 Pro Plus on the charging base and press the self-cleaning button. It takes about 2 minutes for the self-cleaning to complete. Afterwards, it will automatically turn on the hot air drying mode to dry the roller brush. This hot air drying is a new feature on Dreame H2 Pro Series. The H12 Pro requires 1 hour to complete the drying process, while the H12 Pro Plus only takes 30 minutes. Which I find to be useful in extending the longevity of the roller brush. It also prevents foul smell and germs.

Self-cleaning ad Hot air drying

Edge-to-edge roller brush

I found Dreame H12 Pro Plus to be easy and ergonomic to use. During my testing, I was impressed with the suction power of H12 Pro Plus – 16000 Pa. It effectively cleaned various types of flooring. Including marble and wooden floor.
In terms of cleaning efficiency. Dreame H12 Pro Plus performs exceptionally well in most areas of the house, especially in corners, thanks to its innovative edge-to-edge roller brush. This design allows the roller brush to reach closer to the baseboards, ensuring more effective cleaning of floor edges.

Edge-to-edge roller brush

Dual Sterilization for Health

The dual sterilization feature of the H12 Pro Plus has deeply impressed me. What is the meaning of “dual” ? It actually refers to both the clean water tank ( 900 ml ) and the used water tank ( 700 ml ). After adding water to the clean water tank, you can switch to the sterilization mode on the LED screen, enabling one-click production of electrolyzed water for thorough and efficient sterilization.
Not only does the clean water tank have sterilization capabilities, but the used water tank also has silver ion antibacterial materials. This prevents the occasional oversight of forgetting to clean the dirty water, which can lead to bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.

the clean water tank ( 900 ml ) and the used water tank ( 700 ml )


I highly appreciate the design of Dreame H12 Pro Plus. The vacuum is regarded as having a reasonable and convenient design, allowing users to quickly familiarize themselves with it and use it without requiring much maintenance and cleaning after use. However, the wet and dry vacuuming feature of Dreame H12 Pro Plus also doesn’t disappoint me. Overall, I highly rate its efficient cleaning capability and time-saving aspect when it comes to cleaning the house of it.

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