Your Vacuum Cleaner Water Tank Smells Bad

Why our vacuum cleaner water tank smelly? we use the vacuum to make our house clean, and we spend a lot of time and money buying a suitable vacuum robot. However, if your vacuum cleaner smells stinking, that would be very horrible, Then I’m going to help you! In this article, I will tell you how it is possible that a vacuum cleaner starts to smell, how you can solve this, and more importantly, how you can prevent this in the future!

1. What is that smell?

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First of all, we should figure out where the smell comes from. Perhaps because you have pets, hair fermentation may make your tank smell like a dog or a cat. Vacuum robot water tank smells bad. The smell is very unbearable. Here is a list of some of my online friends to share the source of the odor. Please see if you have experienced that.

  • Plastic smell of the vacuum cleaner itself
  • Long-term accumulation of bacteria and dust
  • Humidity in the vacuum cleaner
  • Clogged filters or old filters
  • Corrosive cleaner

2. Reasons for odor

Most importantly, vacuum cleaners have a bad smell because the machine is in high-speed operation of the state of ionization part of the air, which is called ozone. In addition to that, the motor will generate heat, and high temperature, insulation paint will also emit odor. What is more, filters, which are consumables, also need to be replaced within a month or two. And the last one we all know, even if we only use water, there will be water stains that are difficult to clean. Thus, spraying vinegar on your water tank when you refill, also does the trick.

3. Prevent it in the future

  • Basically, just avoid any cleaners that are corrosive (oils, harsh chemicals) . Then, vacuum robot water tank smells bad.
  • Plastic will warp with hot water grub the dishwasher. An alternate solution is to add a splash of distilled white vinegar to your clean water or add it to your dirty water tank. This helps yours not to stink.
  • Choose a suitable floor cleaner and spray it on the bottom of the tank before each use. Most of the solutions that need to be diluted are corrosive and do not smell good.
  • Change the filter often
  • More information on how to fix a smelly vacuum

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