The Name Secrets of Dreame Robot Vacuum Brand

I don’t know if you have trouble figuring out the models of robot vacuums, but I wish to find the name secrets of some Dreame vacuum robots for you. This article is mainly aimed at pursuing the Dreame brand’s three popular series, including W10, S10, and X10.
These three series make some distinctions, first of all, W10s Pro and W10s as upgraded W10 and W10 Pro. We can think of the W10 series as a first-level model for looking for a self-cleaning vacuum robot in Dreame brand. In suction, I think the normal 2500pa suction is enough, so there is not much difference between the suction, what is really worth noting is the 45 ° auto-dry system. When the mopping cycle is complete and W10s has returned to its base for the last time, the pads are rising and then dried with hot air to prevent mildew or bacteria growth. As a very innovative selling point, the auto-dry system can well extend the service life of the mop, and will not be damp for a long time, and produce weird smells, and W10s Pro has an AI visual obstacle avoidance system that is very smart. In my opinion, Dreame Bot W10s Pro Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop has win everything.
The auto-dry system of Dreame Bot W10S

Secondly, For S10 Series, there are three models, which are S10, S10 Plus and S10 Pro Plus. The biggest difference between S10 Plus and S10 Pro Plus is that S10 Pro Plus has fast charging and automatic cleaner addition. If your home area is small, I think S10 Plus has a high price-performance ratio. We can say S10 is the first choice for this series.

Dreame S10 and Dreame S10 Pro look the same.

Finally, let’s distinguish the X Series of the flagship model, which are Dreame X10 and Dreame X10 Ultra. The difference between the two lies in the large battery capacity and fast charging function of the premium version, which is similar to that of S10 Plus and S10 Plus Pro. If you do not have a large area of your home and do not need a vacuum robot to clean for a long time, then X10 is fully sufficient. As a first-level W10 Pro, it is suitable to buy with a low budget. If you have enough budget, you can pick X10 directly, or S10 Pro.

The size and outlook of the Dreame X10 Ultra

In conclusion. Pro means professional or enhanced . Plus is the enlarged version, and Ultra means extreme and All-in-One. Let us go back to see the Dreame vacuum robot. We will find the name secret. That is, with enhanced functionality and rising prices, gradually upgrading from pro one to plus one, the most expensive is the ultra one.

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