Dreame W20 Pro Ultra Briefing

The briefing of Dreame W20 Pro Ultra

Dreame W20 Pro Ultra appearance

Dreame Technology launched the flagship machine. Which is name – Dreame Bot W20 Pro Ultra. After 7 days of use. We found this machine has achieved improvements in many features.

Like 58 Degrees Celsius Hot Water Cleaning Function, 6000 Pa Super Suction Power, Smart Dynamic Edge Cleaning and Upgraded Laser Detection Function.

Upgraded Laser Detection Function Dreame W20 Pro Ultra

The machine equipped with the LDS laser sensor and line laser sensor. Compared to previous Robot Vacuums. It is able to achieve millimetre-level sensing accuracy and locate the exact position of items. To handle complex scenarios throughout the house with ease. Clearer and more accurate operation on the App. It is not only equipped 3D maps, but also upgraded the AR maps for more accurate three-dimensional representation of the real state of the whole house.

6000 Pa Super Suction Power Dreame W20 Pro Ultra

6000 Pa Super Suction Power – Powerful remove of all kinds of stains from floors. Even tiny particles in crevices can also be removed. When turned on the cleaning model, the side brushes rotate at high speed to tackle most objects on the floor. Then the upgraded liftable mops clean the floor again. To remove some of the stubborn sticky stains.

Smart Dynamic Edge Cleaning. Dreame W20 Pro Ultra

Smart Dynamic Edge Cleaning

The most of machines can not effectively remove stains from corners when cleaning a room. So we have to clean these corners manually. But this machine with Smart Dynamic Edge Cleaning function. When it encounters the corner. The mop would intelligently identified and then expanded to sweep along the edge. Even the smallest of debris can also be solved. ( Dreame X20 Pro also have this function)

With the 3.2 liter dust bag

The base station also upgraded entirety. From the dust box’s filter to the antibacterial dust bag, dust collection just need 10 seconds. With the 3.2 liter dust bag, the dust collection capacity is even greater, so you don’t have to empty the dust bag within 75 days.

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