Catering Service Robot

The catering industry is developing rapidly. But catering companies still face the operating problems of “difficulties in recruiting people + high costs + difficulties in marketing”. – Catering Service Robot Report

The demand for intelligent upgrading of restaurants has arisen.
The catering service robot from traditional hot pot restaurant -Tan Ya Xue Hot Pot

A robot receives a meal for four in the kitchen. Then zooms off to deliver the food to diners. It even thanks them for choosing to patronize the eatery. Armed with trays, it can serve food in restaurants, up to four dishes at a time. The robot equipped with obstacle avoidance and smart scheduling systems. Will allow existing service crew to refocus on other aspects like customer service. The robot will also help with limiting physical contact while improving productivity.

IDC commercial service robot report
The demand for commercial service robots, such as service robots, is growing significantly across many industries, especially catering.

In 2021, the total market size of commercial service robots in the catering industry in China reached $84 million US dollars, which is an increase of more than 110% compared to the previous year – this is significant growth.

Because of labor shortages and favorable national policy. In the short-term. With the market becoming more mature and more refined in terms of operations, products, teams, costs. There will be improved profitability as developments in catering spread to related industries. And overseas expansion will become a key direction for market development.

Dreame D1 Appearance

More and more brands are entering this industry. And Dreame Technology has also released its catering service robot – D1. The robot integrates various modes such as lead position, meal delivery, return to base and cruising. With its 4-layer large tray, each layer capable of bearing 10kg, it can accommodate a wide range of dishes. The trays are flexible and adjustable, catering to different placement requirements for various food items.

Dreame D1 can quickly pass through narrow passages as narrow as 65 centimeters

The catering service robot is equipped with dual LDS and VSLAM positioning systems, allowing for centimeter-level precision positioning and intelligent path planning. It can quickly recognize the width of passages and easily navigate through narrow passages as narrow as 65 centimeters. Additionally, it can accurately avoid common obstacles, ensuring safe and smooth operation. Whether in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, or other scenes. This robot can efficiently complete delivery tasks, providing convenient and secure service to users.

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