Robot vacuum cleaner vs handheld vacuum cleaner, how to choose

The increasing attention on handheld vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum cleaner has provided excellent choices for home cleaning. If you’re torn between these two cleaning warriors, fear not! In this article, we will compare many aspects of handheld vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners. It can help you make an informed decision that best suits your cleaning needs and lifestyle.

Handheld vacuum cleaner                                       Robot vacuum cleaner
Handheld vacuum cleaner Robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning Efficiency of Robot vacuum cleaner and handheld one

Handheld vacuum cleaners often have much greater suction power compared to robotic vacuum cleaners. Referring to previous evaluations of robotic vacuum cleaners, the suction power of typical models can reach up to 5000Pa, while some advanced robotic models can achieve 6000Pa.

Suction power of Robot vacuum
Suction power of Robot vacuum cleaner

However, the recently tested Dreame H12 Pro Plus handheld vacuum cleaner boasts a suction power of up to 16000Pa. Suction power plays a significant role in cleaning efficiency, and handheld vacuum cleaners are capable of perfectly cleaning stubborn dirt and debris.

Suction power of handheld vacuum
Suction power of handheld vacuum cleaner


Some handheld vacuum cleaners are designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing us to easily clean hard-to-reach corners and crevices. With interchangeable nozzles and brush heads, you can target different areas for cleaning, such as ceilings, sofas, and curtains. On the other hand, most robotic vacuum cleaners are limited to cleaning only the floor, and some lower-end models may struggle to effectively clean corners. Handheld vacuum cleaners offer greater versatility and adaptability to various cleaning tasks around the house.


As the name suggests, handheld vacuum cleaners require manual operation, meaning cleaning tasks need to be performed by hand. On the other hand, robotic vacuum cleaners can automatically complete cleaning tasks. Take the DEEBOT X1 OMNI, for example, when you want it to clean, you can simply operate it using a smartphone or take advantage of voice control features.

         Intelligence of Robot vacuum cleaner
Intelligence of Robot vacuum cleaner


Due to the advanced technology and complex features equipped in robotic vacuum cleaners, some of the latest models can often exceed $1000 in price. In contrast, handheld vacuum cleaners are much more budget-friendly, and a good model can be obtained for around $300.

Summary of Robot vacuum cleaner and handheld one

In conclusion, handheld vacuum cleaners offer stronger cleaning power, greater flexibility, and lower prices, but they lack the level of intelligence found in robotic vacuum cleaners and require manual operation. On the other hand, robotic vacuum cleaners provide automated cleaning, but they may not match the cleaning performance, versatility, and affordability of handheld vacuum cleaners.

Our suggestions

Choosing a suitable robot vacuum requires considering multiple factors. Based on the above comparisons and feedback from Reddit platform users, we can easily draw the following conclusions:

A robotic vacuum cleaner is more suitable when:

  • You value convenience and have limited time for manual cleaning.
  • Budget is not a concern.
  • Cleaning requirements are not very demanding, and most of the cleaning tasks are concentrated on the floor.

On the other hand, a handheld vacuum cleaner is more appropriate when:

  • You prefer more control and hands-on cleaning.
  • Budget is a consideration.
  • You need stronger cleaning power and versatility for various cleaning tasks, including corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on individual preferences, lifestyle, cleaning needs, and budget considerations. Each type of vacuum cleaner has its strengths and limitations, and choosing the right one will depend on what best suits your specific requirements.

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