Dreame X20 Pro Review

The review of Dreame X20 Pro

Dreame X20 Pro appearance

At AWE 2023 (Appliance & electronics World Expo). Dreame launched the most powerful bionic robot vacuum cleaner – Dreame X20 Pro. The overall appearance is in black elements. This machine has been greatly updated and improved in many features. Such as the 7000Pa suction power, 58℃ hot water self-cleaning, bionic machanical arm.

7000Pa suction power

Most powerful suction power

The machine’s suction power upgraded again to reach the incredible 7000 Pa. It is the highest suction power of all robot vacuum cleaner available. With the V-shaped Bristles Rubber Brush. Which should reach the outstandingly cleaning effect. Whatever the particles, pet hair or crevice dust.

The most important design is "bionic machanical arm".

The most important design is “bionic machanical arm”. Most of robot vacuum cleaners can not handle the dust at special area. Such as the wall corners. We have to use paper or mop cloths to get rid of small debris and stains. It still doesn’t completely free up our hands.

In order to solve this problem, the X20 Pro has set the mop bracket to be expandable and retractable. When it comes to the corner of the wall or table, the mop is intelligently identified and then expanded to sweep along the edge. Even the smallest of debris can also be sloved. The mop will automatically retracts after cleaning.

hot water mop washing
Dreame X20 Pro function review

Dreame X20 Pro has an innovative upgrade function of the hot water mop washing. With 6 seconds of rapid heating, raising the water temperature to 58°C. Helps to accelerate the softening of stubborn stains and dissolves common grease stains more easily. Expecially for kitchens or dining rooms. Which can clean the stubborn dirt on the mop quickly and effectively. And the floor dries faster without the worry of slippery and footprints after mopping.

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