Dreame S20 Pro Unboxing

It is the review of Dreame S20 Pro Unboxing.

At the end of March. Dreame released the Dreame S20 Pro

Dreame S20 Pro, which features comprehensive upgrades to its hardware configuration and software functionality for improved cleaning performance. The new generation of intelligent floor mopping and sweeping expert. With increased suction power, more types of AI obstacle recognition, AI voice recognition, video calling. Dreame S20 Pro is even more powerful.

Dreame S20 Pro

Dreame S20 Pro features LDS laser sensors, with dual-line laser sensors and AI visual sensors. In practical use, its navigation and obstacle avoidance performance is excellent, while AI visual sensor equipped an RGB camera that allows for video calling. The combination of line lasers, Al visual sensor and LDS laser sensor. It is the most effective obstacle avoidance solution.

Dreame S20 Pro
LDS laser sensor  - Blue Arrow
AI visual sensor   -  Red Arrow
Line laser sensors  - Green Arrow

The machine equipped with 6000Pa suction power. The V-shaped bristles rubber roller, a single-side brush and 0.35L dustbin. Dreame S20 Pro also features fast charging technology, although its battery capacity remains at 5200mAh. But the fast charging technology improved endurance performance during the cleaning process.

In addition, Dreame S20 Pro has upgraded its carpet recognition function. With the mop recognition and lifting speed improved for better carpet cleaning performance. The upgraded mop material ensures a cleaner floor with reduced residue and markings.

The display of Dreame S20 Pro accessories

V-shaped Bristles Rubber Roller

The design of V-shaped Bristles Rubber Roller is particularly ingenious. As we know, one of the biggest drawbacks of Bristles Rubber Roller is that they are prone to hair tangling and difficult to clean. This brush is among the most thoughtfully designed brushes of its kind, with both ends being detachable and the brush strips being easily removable, greatly enhancing the efficiency of hair removal during cleaning.

Dreame also provide All Rubber Brush. Suitable for different cleaning areas and situation.

Dreame S20 Pro V-shaped Bristles Rubber Roller and All Rubber Brush
Dreame S20 Pro V-shaped Bristles Rubber Roller is detachable

The dustbin handle of Dreame S20 Pro is made of paper material, and the dustbin opening is slanted upward. Making it difficult for garbage to spill out and causing secondary pollution. Compared to the older model, the dustbin capacity of S20 Pro is up to 3.2L. Which is sufficient for at least 75 days, greatly improving convenience.The replacement frequency is reduced, and the cost of consumables is also lower.

dust bag

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