The review of Roborock Q Revo

Roborock revealed the Roborock Q Revo robot vacuum and mop on its US website. Also known as Roborock P10.

Roborock Q Revo ( White and Black Version)

The core function has been upgraded again. Such as Dual Spinning Mops and 5500Pa Extreme Suction. The lifting module and the newly RR mason10.0 algorithm. ( Roborock Q Revo)

High-speed Dual Spinning Mops

The Roborock Q Revo is honored to be its first self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot that uses a double-disc rotating mop.

With a high-powered motor, the Roborock P10 has a high-speed double-spin capability. Which can rotate in opposite directions at up to 200 RPM, to remove deeper stains. Especially for dry stains. Such as milk, soy sauce and beverages, etc. With a high-powered motor, the grip is more robust, no matter how rough. The high-resistance ground can also do a job quickly.

High-speed Dual Spinning Mops

Compared with the method of the single mop, cleaning back and forth is time-consuming and costly. This double-rotation cleaning method can quickly decontaminate with one sweep, saving time and effort.

5500 Pa suction power

With extreme suction of 5500 Pa. Dust and dirt are easily captured from different floor types for an improved home cleanup. And the machine is divided into five gears: quiet, standard, robust, Max, and Max+. Among them, the Max+ gear is mainly suitable for deep cleaning critical areas. The standard mode can meet our needs in cleaning debris, hair, and other garbage in the family.

Clean Fast Without Tangles

all-rubber brush

With all-rubber brush, which has a better stripping effect than a bristle brush when dealing with stubborn stains on the floor, and a greater advantage when it comes to preventing hair tangling. If you are a pet owner, we highly recommend that you try a cleaner with this kind of brush for a much better daily cleaning experience.
I also had a good experience with the all-rubber brush when I had to manually clean the tangled hairs from the brushes. After cleaning, a gentle hand pull can concentrate the hairs in the two sections of the brush for cleaning up.

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