Form Follows Function: the Curation of Dyson Color Palettes

At the beginning, Dyson colors complement form and function.
  • The colors of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners were designed to be bright from the beginning, we guess, which may be related to his design philosophy. But actually, the color design for all machines in Dyson has some clues to trace.
  • Dyson’s machines look the way they do, because of how they work. They are full of complex engineering and science. To help simplify a machine’s complexity, they use color to highlight the technology and draw attention to where you typically interact with the machine – bright red is used in our vacuums for buttons to attach and detach parts – a key point of interaction. For example, they first launched the Dyson DC01, whose color is yellow with gray accents.
James Dyson with the DC01. Photograph: Garry Weaser/The Guardian

When we launched DC01 chose a gray silver speckled color to emphasize the solid technical geometry, industrial ‘steel-like’ functionality and strength of the product. The yellow color was chosen for its high visibility and associations with heavy industrial machinery“, said Dyson.

Appearance always goes hand in hand with how something works.

  • Dyson has some unique design thinking. For example, he designed a clear bin so you could see how the machine sucks the nasty stuff. Many people were uncomfortable with the idea, but it is now a hallmark piece of design. To match the colors to the functions has become a mark for Dyson.
The clear bin of Dyson V12 Detect Slim™ cordless vacuum

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  • At first, the color was bright, and for now, we can see the purple color of Dyson V11, the gold color of Dyson V15. Machines in Dyson are like color palettes to make them exclusive. What is more important, they protect patents for inventions and improve competition.
The deep blue and purple colors of Dyson V11

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