Learn to Connect Your Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner to Your WiFi

Many people buying a vacuum robot from Xiaomi may come across the issue that the vacuum robot cannot connect to the Mijia app when using it. How to connect my Xiaomi vacuum robot to my WiFi. I only found very few answers on Google. However, this article will have such questions and answers to make a detailed summary, follow the directory to take what you need!

1.Make sure your robot isn’t broken

To solve this problem. The best way is to check whether your vacuum robot can connect to your phone WiFi. The more detailed step is prepare two phones, one(A) to release the hotspot, and the other(B) to operate the Mi Home App, make sure the B phone in the connection does not have a black screen. If you can not link it, you should consider repairing it.
picture of repairing

2.Set the location to China

Some online stores sell a Chinese version of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum which works only with the Mainland China region in the Mi Home app. If the robot comes with a Chinese user manual in the box, most likely you have a Chinese version.

If you have a Chinese version, you should change your region to Mainland China: open the Mi Home app, tap on the Profile → Settings → Region → Chinese mainland. After changing the region, you will be logged out of the app, so you should sign in again. FIY, If you do not have an account, you can not get a confirmation email from Mainland China(Mi Home app), So Pick the USA SERVER..then set up an account. Once you get the confirmation email, go into the app and then set the location to Mainland China.

Mi Home app operation page

3.Check your WiFi name and password

Ensure your Wi-Fi password contains only Latin characters and numbers. Also, the password should be at least 8 digits and not too long. Reseting Wi-Fi Connection when switching to a new router or changing your Wi-Fi password. You will need to reset the vacuum-mop’s Wi-Fi connection. What is more, upon inputting the Wi-Fi password, use the Wi-Fi password and not the xiaomi password (you’ll be amazed how many people missed this).

the picture of WiFi

4.Check your WiFi router settings

In many cases, it will work to try again until it works. But on some access points it is just not possible. It looks like WPA2-PSK [AES] is useless with this device. And it also just supports the 2.4GHz WiFi band. If you can’t set your router, I find a quick steps on for you to check.

Mi Home app operation page

5.More steps you need to take

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  1. Hi,

    Can I please check if the method share above is working for the G10S Pure series (China version) (S7) in Singapore? Anyway we can check before I make the purchase?

    • We are very sorry that we cannot confirm whether the Mainland China version of the robot is compatible and adaptable outside of Mainland China at this time.


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