Lidar Sensors Spying Via Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Attention Please!

How can hackers eavesdrop on information? A new study tells us that the vacuum cleaner may become a crime tool via lidar sensors. In this article, I wish to clarify this paper for you.

you can find more detailed articles in a paper from the University of Maryland and the National University of Singapore, entitled” Spying your Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Eavesdropping via Lidar Sensors. What is more, let us discuss how to spy your home via robot vacuum cleaner?


In simple terms, its working principle is to transmit detection signals to the target, compare detection signals with reflected signals, so as to obtain many parameters of the target. Lidar can obtain 3D geographic information,which can not only for military purposes, but also widely for automatic driving and robots and so on.

In general, when we use a vacuum cleaner. It will use the lidar to draw a map of our room to avoid collisions when working. However, such maps are usually stored in the cloud, which may cause potential privacy leakage, and advertisers may obtain information about the family population.

Working principle of Lidar

2.Side channel attack.

As the name implies, different from the conventional method of using software and hardware to brute force to crack the attacked object, the side channel attacks by using time consumption, power consumption during the operation of encryption electronic equipment.

Its effectiveness is higher than that of traditional cryptanalysis methods, so the threat is great.

Monitoring wave chart

3.Lidar phone

The Lidar Phone can sense the slight vibration of nearby objects. And then carefully process and extract the signal traces reflected by the sound laser. So as to capture the privacy sensitive information. For example, when the vacuum robot works, it may reveal your political orientation or preference for TV programs through the sound clips.

Denqi 360 was exposed to having safe leakage

In a word

some people choose not to buy vacuum cleaner because they are afraid of being spying. However, monitoring is not simple. Background noise level, lighting, distance from the target and other factors determine whether they will succeed in the end.

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