Superior Navigation: DToF Technology Applied to Deebot

We all know that choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner needs some basic conditions. One of those is quickly navigated an efficient and thorough cleaning, with no traffic jam. Then, the best technology is the industry-leading DToF laser sensor. In this article, we will take Deebot X1 Omni as an example.

Deebot X1 Omni

What is DToF?

DToF stands for Direct Time-of-flight and it works in a very simple way: The light pulse emitted from a light source device reflects when it encounters an object. Since light travels at a constant speed, when the distance varies, the time when the reflected light is received is also different. We can then calculate the distance between the emission point of the light pulse and the position of the object, by recording the reflection time of the light pulse.

What DToF can do?

For example, the DToF technology is not new to ECOVACS and those familiar with ECOVACS products. It makes a map of your floorplan, right down to each piece of furniture. From your giant TV cabinets to your tiny socks. It can recognize humans and more than 10 different types of objects. What is more important, in conjunction with ECOVACS exclusive TrueMapping 2.0 navigation, thereby reshaping the environment and restoring the family home plan, which is 3D map. The technology widely used in vacuum cleaner. Of course, the price is also expensive than that of without the DToF technology.

Is there a difference between DToF and LDS?

Compared with LDS technology. DToF technology increases the overall coverage area by 2 times and the mapping process is much faster. Also, ToF is more accurate in object detection. In addition, LDS technology has higher requirements for the environment, while DToF can detect things in many circumstances. In a conclution, high-end technologies will emerge one after another, but how to subtract technology needs to consider.

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