How to Choose a Hair Entanglement Avoiding Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a pet or your hair often falls off on the floor, it is the most appropriate to choose a vacuum cleaner that can prevent hair from winding. In this article, I will explain the principle of anti-winding and several suitable models of vacuum cleaner.

Brush makes difference

The main brushs have three types

First of all, let us take iRobot as example. iRobot is a leader in the global robot and consumer robot industry. It is the first brand in the world to make robots in the early stage. They have applied for many patents, including the Aeroforce technology, which is a double rubber roller brush. The design of this rubber material and special convex structure has prevented the hair from winding. And the V-shaped design has brought a gathered effect on the garbage, so the garbage is gathered at the middle suction port.

What is more, starting from the T7S series in 2021, the main brush of Roborock has changed from the original brush to a single rubber brush. The reason is to aviod the patent of iRobot. And the single rubber brush has become one of the selling points of roborock. This rubber brush of Roborock is make of TPU material. Besides, both ends of it can be disassembled, and hair will be in the both ends.

The last is Xiaomi Mijia anti-winding robotic vacuum manufacturred by Shunzao. The roller brush has a hair breaking structure, which can effectively cut hair with the comb design on the body.

To sum up

If you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner with good anti-winding effect. The main choice, from strong to weak, are the models using a rubber brush, the models using a main brush with two detachable ends. Or the roller brush is with broken hair structure. Of course, according to the reaction of most netizens. However, there anti entanglements will not be prefect, you must not so picky.

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