Narwal J4

On August 15th. Narwal held a new product launch event for its robot vacuum cleaner. It launched two new products – Nawal J4 and Narwal J4 Lite. As the flagship model and entry-level model.

The appearance of Narwal J4

Strong suction of 7800Pa

Narwal J4 not only continues the powerful mopping capability of its predecessor. But also achieves the suction power of 7800Pa. It equipped with a self-developed cyclone diversion anti-tangling rolling brush and features an innovative dust collection system.

The cleaning performance of robotic vacuum cleaners and the issue of easily getting tangled with hair are common pain points in the current market. Narwal J4 addresses these concerns by providing industry-leading suction power of 7800Pa. It achieves a high particle removal rate. Up to 99% on wooden floors and tiled surfaces. Effortlessly sucking in and efficiently collecting debris. This significantly enhances the cleaning effectiveness.

anti-tangling rolling brush and 7800 Pa suction power

Integrated filter bag

Most robotic vacuum cleaners on the market have dust collection function in their base station. While this feature reduces the frequency of users having to empty the dust box. It also increases the risk of bacteria growth and unpleasant odors as the dust bag gets larger and the replacement cycle is extended. To address this issue, we introduced the concept of ” integrated filter bag “. That combines the dust bag with hepa filter. This design allows users to simply remove and dispose of the entire item without getting their hands dirty. To provide a maintenance-free experience and significantly reducing consumable costs.

Additionally, Narwal J4 is equipped with dust bag air-drying and antibacterial technology. Which accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the dust bag and slows down the growth of bacteria.

Narwal J4 integrated filter bag

In order to provide users with a healthier experience. Nawal J4 upgraded its comprehensive antibacterial system. In the water circuit, the silver ion module in the clean water tank not only inhibits bacteria in the wastewater after mopping. But also works in synergy with the silver ion antibacterial mop and the 2-in-1 antibacterial cleaning solution to efficiently clean and disinfect the pipes and floor. In the air circuit, it equipped with dust bag air-drying and antibacterial technology. As well as the heat drying function for the mop.

Narwal J4 circulation system

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