WINBOT W1 Pro Review

The article about Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro review

The Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro is a state-of-the-art robotic window cleaner. It’s the best design to make cleaning windows more of easily.

This innovative machine is ideal for those who want an easy and effective way. To keep their windows clean without having to do it by themselves.

WINBOT W1 Pro Review: 2800 Pa suction power
WINBOT W1 Pro Review: 2800 Pa suction power

One of the standout features of the Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro is the intelligent cleaning system. This system uses advanced sensors to detect the edges of windows and obstacles. And ensuring that the robot doesn’t fall off or crash into anything.

In addition to this intelligent cleaning system. The Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro also boasts a powerful suction fan of 2800Pa that keeps the robot firmly attached to the window. Not only does this ensure that the robot stays where it needs to be. It also allows for a much better clean.

WINBOT W1 Pro is that it can be paired with the Ecovacs app that allows you to adjust its cleaning settings

This robot cleaner can work on both framed and frameless windows. To make it suitable for a wide range of homes.

Another great thing about the Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro is that it can be paired with the Ecovacs app that allows you to adjust its cleaning settings. You can switch between different cleaning modes. Including deep cleaning and quick cleaning, depending on your needs.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using the Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro. Firstly, the robot cleaner can be quite noisy. But not unlike a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the Ecovacs WINBOT W1 Pro may leave streaks on the window if it’s not used properly or if the cleaning pads are not replaced regularly.

Safety is top priority

WINBOT W1 PRO automatically cleans in a back-and-forth motion for a complete and thorough glass cleaning process in three adaptive modes. Fast clean, deep clean and spot clean. It intelligently creates a systematic cleaning path that ensures dazzling clean windows.

From an industry-leading anti-slip driving system for smooth movement. To air pressure detection and compensation. Floating cleaning cloth plate and power outage protection. Safety is top priority.
Even if it detaches from the glass. The WINBOT W1 PRO arrests fall with a safety carabiner and tether that is made of highly elastic and durable rubber.

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