Differences Between Original Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Third-party Accessories

In today’s households, vacuum cleaners have become an essential tool, and with them comes the inevitable need to replace vacuum cleaner accessories. When purchasing these accessories, the choice between original vacuum cleaner accessories and third-party accessories can often be perplexing.

Accessories on the robot vacuum cleaner
Accessories on the robot vacuum cleaner

This article delves into this matter and provides factors to consider when making a purchase decision. Regardless of the vacuum cleaner you’re using, our aim is to guide you towards a wise choice. Let’s now explore the distinctions between these two options and delve deeper into the matter.

Manufacturer affiliation

Typically, original accessories are produced by companies directly associated with the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. It ensure complete compatibility and adherence to brand standards. On the other hand, independent companies not directly linked to the vacuum cleaner manufacturer may manufacture other accessories.


Because original accessories are often directly associated with the vacuum cleaner manufacturers, the quality of produced accessories is more assured, and generally, compatibility is better. When choosing accessories, compatibility is a very important factor to consider. Moreover, the compatibility of generic vacuum cleaner accessories is difficult to guarantee, and their quality varies, with some even being damaged.


Price-wise, third-party accessories are generally more affordable, often costing less than half of what original brand accessories do. For example, opting for a different brand allows you to acquire two side brushes for Roborock at approximately $7, whereas the same brushes are priced at $15.99 on their official website.


Opting for third-party accessories comes with certain risks. If such accessories lead to vacuum cleaner damage, manufacturers might not cover warranty repairs.

User Evaluate of original vacuum cleaner parts and third-party parts

However, we emphasize that the quality and service of many third-party vacuum cleaner accessories have improved significantly. This is evident from user ratings on platforms like Amazon. Take Roborock S7’s Dust Bags, for example – the official brand bags have a rating of 4.8, while off-brand alternatives achieve a respectable 4.5 rating.

Evaluations of Accessories from Different Brands
Evaluations of Accessories from Different Brands

Our recommendations for original vacuum cleaner parts and third-party parts

As third-party vacuum cleaner accessories often come at a more appealing price. The quality and service might not be significantly inferior to that of the original manufacturers, to put it plainly. It investes more than twice the money to slightly enhance service quality might not be the most cost-effective choice. Moreover, many accessories are compatible with multiple vacuum cleaner models, offering you a broader range of options to flexibly meet various requirements.

From our perspective, considering solely price and service, you can explore some higher-quality third-party manufacturers. The ongoing demand for vacuum cleaner accessory replacements implies that, continuously purchasing well-performing third-party accessories can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

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