Solutions for Resolving Xiaomi Robot Vacuum’s Virtual Wall Recognition Issues

Troubleshooting Robot Vacuum Virtual Wall Recognition

When your Xiaomi robot vacuum fails to correctly recognize virtual walls, it can disrupt its normal operation, causing it to clean outside the intended areas and potentially wander into other areas. Robot Vacuum Virtual wall is a highly useful feature that helps you control the movement of your vacuum, ensuring it cleans specific zones without interfering with others.

If you’re facing this issue, don’t worry. Below, we’ll introduce an effective solution to ensure your robot vacuum can correctly recognize virtual walls, enhancing cleaning efficiency and precision.

Root Cause Analysis🔍

One common reason Xiaomi robot vacuums may not recognize virtual walls is the potential malfunction of their ultrasonic sensors. These sensors are not only responsible for detecting virtual walls but also play a crucial role in other navigation functions. If these sensors encounter problems, it can render virtual walls ineffective.

Solution for Robot Vacuum Virtual Wall🤖

Here are detailed steps to resolve the issue of your robot vacuum not recognizing virtual walls:

1. Preparation📦

  • Obtain a new ultrasonic sensor to replace any potentially faulty sensors.
  • Prepare a screwdriver.

2. Disassembly of the Vacuum🔧

  • Remove the dustbin and detach the main brush. Also, remove the side brush, typically secured by a screw.
  • Disassemble the screws on the bottom cover plate, take out the battery, and make sure to remove the screws inside the battery compartment.
Battery on robot vacuum cleaner
Battery on robot vacuum cleaner

3. Sensor Replacement🛠️

  • Remove the screws on the bottom of the vacuum and the longer screws securing the cover plate.
  • Then, flip the vacuum over and detach the top cover.

4. Installation of the New Robot Vacuum Virtual Wall Sensor✨

  • Install the new ultrasonic sensor inside the vacuum, ensuring it is properly connected.
  • During the installation, be sure to clean any dust and dirt inside the vacuum.

5. Testing: Verifying Robot Vacuum Virtual Wall Recognition🧪

  • After completing the sensor replacement, conduct a simple test to ensure the vacuum can once again correctly recognize virtual walls and operate according to the designated navigation rules.


If everything is functioning as expected, you have successfully resolved the Xiaomi robot vacuum’s issue of not recognizing virtual walls, restoring its normal operation. This solution will help you make the most of your robot vacuum, ensuring efficient, precise, and interference-free cleaning.

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