What is the difference between Roborock S6 MaxV and S6?

Roborock S6 MaxV is the first robot vacuum cleaner in the S series product line. Its emergence has elevated smart home robot technology to a new level. The name Max indicates that it is the last model of the series, and the letter V is the arrival of vision. So for the previous S6, what are the innovations of the S6 MaxV sweeping robot? Let’s discuss the difference between Roborock S6 MaxV vs S6.

Contrast: Roborock S6 MaxV vs S6

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

First, Roborock S6 MaxV vs S6: S6 MaxV has front dual cameras, LiDAR and infrared imaging, which can perfectly navigate and draw areas. With dual cameras, Not only obstacles can be seen (such as pet garbage, slippers, wires, etc.), but also accurately estimate their location and size, and reroute around it. Combined with PreciSense LiDAR navigation system, navigation can be fast and efficient both day and night. It is also the first sweeping robot to use Qualcomm APQ8053, which is 50% better than the chip in S6.

s6 MaxV can avoiding the unknown
avoiding the unknown
Some functions

The second point, we compare Roborock S6 MaxV vs S6 through some functions. S6 MaxV realizes complete multi-map management, and the new robot can store up to 4 floor plans (S6 can store 3). One of the functions provided by S6 MaxV is the virtual boundary, that is, the “no-mop” and “no-go” areas. This function is also supported in Ecovacs Ozmo T8 AIVI. S6 MaxV also has a new feature: remote camera viewing. This means that you can look around your home even if you are away. You can launch the Roborock application and drive around. Make sure that you have closed the door, checked your pet’s prank, and even sent a voice message to tell them that you will be home soon.

Roborock S6 MaxV remote camera demonstration
remote camera demonstration
Efficient vacuuming and mopping

Finally, compare Roborock S6 MaxV vs S6 on suction and mopping, the S6 MaxV has 2500Pa suction, which is 25% stronger than the S6 2000Pa suction. It allows S6 MaxV to better capture small dust and penetrate into the carpet. But, the dustbin capacity of S6 MaxV is 460ml, 20ml smaller than S6. It has a large water tank of more than 300ml (compared with only 140ml of S6), and the mopping coverage has become wider.

increased suction 25%
increased suction

Summary :

Through the comparison of Roborock S6 MaxV vs S6,we can know S6 MaxV provides the key functions required by sweeping robots, including powerful suction, intelligent navigation, acceptable noise levels and highly customizable applications. However, it comes with only 1 reusable mop cloth, so you need to wash it and wait until it is dry before it can be used.

Who should buy Roborock S6 MaxV?

If you need a powerful sweeping robot or you are a pet owner and have a lot of pet hair, it is a good choice. If you have a multi-storey house or messy room, you will also be satisfied with this product.

But, if your budget is tight, you may need to consider other cheap sweeping robots that can meet your needs.

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