Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

Xiaomi is a well known brand all over the world, first known for its smart phones with very value for money. However, now Xiaomi is involved in almost every technology industries. It has everything you can think of for electronic products, like watches, phones, TVs and so on. This artical is about the Xiaomi E10 Robot Vacuum . I will introduce you the advantages and disadvantages of this robot vacuum.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 advantages and disadvantages

The Xiaomi E10 Robot Vacuum has a max suction power of 4000pa. For different situation, you can adjust 4 different suction power. That is a moderate level that didn’t surprise me. But was definitely adequate. However, the suction power doesn’t entirely determine the cleaning performance of the vacuum robot, so let’s continue.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 2600mAh battery capacity  suction power of 4000pa

It has a 2600mAh battery capacity, can run about 110 mins under standard model. One side brush, one rubber main brush, and triple filtration help it do the cleaning and collect the mess.

 2600mAh battery capacity  suction power of 4000pa

Xiaomi E10 has 3 cleaning modes: Vacuum, Mop, Vacuum & Mop. So, you can choose different mode according to different floor conditions. For example, use the Vacuum & Mop mode for hard floor. Then, the unit will adjust water discharge based on your floor type, since it has 3 water flow levels.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 Vacuum, Mop, Vacuum & Mop

Its height is 8cm, comes with intelligent voice control and application operation. Especially, the MI HOME APP control, is very easy to use. But, it is lack of a LIDAR navigation system. So, it needs a longer cleaning time compared with other robots with this LIDAR system.

 MI HOME APP control
To summarize, although the Xiaomi E10 Robot Vacuum does not have very prominent advantages in all aspects, almost no shortcomings either. Therefore, it is very cost-effective for a price of about 200$.

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