Can vacuum cleaner damages hard floor?

The vacuum cleaner is a must-have household appliance in most homes these days, it can keep the floor clean. It cleans the floor almost every day. So are you afraid that your vacuum cleaner damages hard floor?

running on the floor  vacuum cleaner damages hard floor?
Robot running on the floor

The answer is no. Its wheels are mostly made of rubber, and the side brushes are also made of soft plastic. Generally, it will not easily damage your wooden floors. So why do you still see people asking the question of whether vacuum robots will damage wooden floors? Because everything happens unexpectedly.

When you play outside with your pet, you may get some sand or small rocks on your body. Then you won’t keep staring at the robot while it’s running. It’s possible that these little things will get stuck in the wheels and scratch the ground as the robot runs. It’s also possible that you accidentally broke a glass bowl and didn’t clean it up. When the robot is running, debris gets stuck in the vacuum and vacuum cleaner damages hard floor.

Suck a lot of pet hair and may get tangled in wheels
Suck a lot of pet hair

If there is a lot of pet hair in the wheel, causing the wheel to get stuck, But robots don’t talk to you. Then dragging it all the way at this time will also scratch the floor.

In order to avoid such a situation, we should take corresponding measures to avoid it.

Preventive measures

Check or clean the vacuum often. See if there are any foreign objects in the wheels and if the wheels can rotate freely. So how to clean the wheels?

Pick up large pieces of debris. Before using the vacuum, quickly clean the floor. Avoid sand, stones, or debris on the floor. Or anything that could harm the floor.

Put away stray wires. Sometimes the wires on the ground are so messy that it may also drag them along while working.

Of course, If the wheel doesn’t work, you need to buy one.


If you use a robot well, it may clean your wooden floors well. Before cleaning, be sure to pay attention to whether there are stones, debris and the like on the floor. Also wipe your vacuum often.

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