How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

If you have a vacuum cleaner, you may want to know how to clean some parts inside. Although some machines are fully automatic, also need to open and clean. Replace or clean some accessories inside. So how should you clean the vacuum cleaner? Take the Roborock Q5 as an example.

Clean a vacuum cleaner
Roborock Q5

First of all, before cleaning the vacuum, you want to make sure that all the power is turned off. Lest you hit any buttons it will make a sound.

Clean roller brush and side brushes

The roller brush is a very important part of the robot. It easily wraps around pet hair and long hair. There was also an article dedicated to cleaning the brush before. If your vacuum robot has a rubber main brush like the Roborock S7, it’s fairly easy to clean up. But if yours is a Q5, it will take a little effort to clean the brush. The cleaning of the side brush is very simple, you only need to wipe it. But if you see obvious wear, you still need to replace the side brush.

Rubber brush for Roborock s7
Rubber brush for Roborock s7
Dustbin and air filter

Even if your robot dumpster can store up to seven weeks of trash, also needs a little cleaning. Waiting until it’s full may affect suction. It will also make the robot less efficient. If you don’t want to clean it every day, you can clean it every other week. If there is something disgusting on the trash can, you can rinse it with water. Air filters store a lot of fine dust, so clean them often. You can stand up and tap the sides a little, and then use a cleaning brush to remove excess particles.

Each sensor

Sensors are also important for robots. You can read the robot manual to determine where they are. Wipe quickly with a microfiber cloth, and for slightly difficult marks, wipe with a little water. Only wipe with water, otherwise it will damage its covering.


It doesn’t require you to take special care of it, you just need to see if it is stuck or damaged by foreign objects. Use a cotton swab to clean the gap between the wheels. If you feel it is dirty, you can also wipe it with a damp cloth.


You should take some time to clean up your housework good helper, you can clean it once a week or half a month. If you use it many times a day, you should clean it more often.

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