Two Filters for Conga 2290 Ultra(05661)

Two Filters for Conga 2290 Ultra(05661). If you have Conga 2290 Ultra, then you must figure out the two sizes of filters. Or you will buy the wrong accessory and waste your money on your robot vacuum cleaner.
For now, let us know what is the difference between the filter for water tank and dust box.

The filter for the water tank is a smaller one. We can see from this picture that it is installed in the water tank. We can see that there is a water inlet on top of the water tank. Generally, when in mopping mode, the water tank can be replaced. So that floors with coffee stains or other messy areas can be cleaned thoroughly. The function of this filter screen is to filter impurities and extend the frequency of mopping, further freeing up your hands.

How to distingush the two Filters for Conga 2290 Ultra(05661)? Now let’s get to know the filter of the dust box. The size of the filter is 11cmX48cm, as shown next to it. Generally, the frequency of replacing the filter in the dust box is higher. Because when we need to suck up dust or particles on the ground. Then, we need to replace the dustbin with Conga 2290 Ultra machine. Every time we vacuum, the filter will become quite dirty. So most customers will request to purchase this filter as a replacement. However, many customers can not distinguish which filter they need and may buy the wrong one, resulting in installation failure. Therefore, it is best to differentiate these two filters or consult with sellers about specific sizes for comparison.

Two Filters for Conga 2290 Ultra(05661)

If you make a mistake and buy the wrong filter, it’s okay. Moreover, we should replace the accessories of the vacuum cleaner every two months. Even if you bought them incorrectly, it also have its use. If you don’t know how to install the dust box or filter. Don’t worry. I have YouTube videos here that you can learn from.

Additionally, if you need a filter for the dustbin. Then, the quality of filters in my store is very good and the prices are very cheap. Currently, there is also a fan discount available in my store. If you need this type of filter, do not hesitate to place an order immediately. We will ship it within 2 days at the earliest. If you want know how to clean a vacuum cleaner? We have another package for you to read.

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