Choosing the Perfect Yeedi Robotic Vacuum: Mop Station Pro vs. Vac Station

Yeedi, a rising brand under the Ecovacs Group, was established in 2019 with the aim of providing consumers with cost-effective floor cleaning solutions. In this article, we will compare two products from the Yeedi brand: the Mop Station Pro and the Vac Station. We hope it can assist you in making an informed choice.

Introduction to Yeedi Vac Station and Mop Station Pro

The Yeedi Vac Station series consists of three models: Yeedi Vac, Yeedi Vac Max, and Yeedi Vac Station. Both Yeedi Vac and Yeedi Vac Max are compatible with the self-emptying system. But the self-emptying station is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately. The Vac model is the most basic and affordable version. Our focus lies on the Vac Station, which can be understood as a combination of the Vac Max model with the self-emptying system.

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro, which was released later than the vac station, is the brand’s first self-washing robot vacuum. It features a dual-tank system that separates the disposal water tank from the fresh water tank. However, in terms of cleaning performance, it does not exhibit a significant advantage compared to other latest Yeedi products.

Product drawings for two models
Product drawings for two models

Both models share some similarities. They have intelligent navigation systems that utilize VSLAM technology to effectively navigate every corner of the home.They are also highly intelligent, capable of detecting carpets and avoiding them, and have voice control through APP, Alexa and Google Home. Additionally, both models offer the functionality of vacuuming and mopping simultaneously.

Avoid mopping when on the carpet.
Avoid mopping when on the carpet.

However, there is a significant price difference between them. The price of Vac Station is just $299.99, while Mop Station Pro is more than double that, priced at $799.99.

What are the advantages of Mop Station Pro?

To understand the reason behind this large price gap, we need to explore the performance differences between them. Here are some advantages of the Yeedi Mop Station Pro that can help you better understand:

  • Higher cleaning power: The Mop Station Pro features dual mops, each exerting a pressure of 10N and rotating at a speed of 180 times per minute. This design enables it to effectively tackle stubborn stains. On the other hand, the Vac Station, like most vacuum cleaners, has a central brush, a side brush. When a mop pad is installed on its back, it can be used for mopping the floor. These features are sufficient to meet everyday cleaning needs.

Vac Station                                                                     Mop Station Pro
Vac Station Mop Station Pro
  • More convenient design. It features two separate 3.5L water tanks in self-cleaning station, keeping the wastewater separate from the clean water. The two mop pads can be rinsed and dried in the self-cleaning station, ensuring a cleaner and fresher mopping experience. Although this mechanism cannot indefinitely maintain the cleanliness of the mop pads, it eliminates the hassle of disassembling and cleaning the mop pads compared to the Vac Station.

Two 3.5L water tanks in  Mop Station Pro
Two 3.5L water tanks of Mop Station Pro

Washing mop pads in self-cleaning station
Washing mop pads in self-cleaning station
  • Larger dustbin capacity. The Vac Station has a 420ml dustbin, while the Mop Station Pro has a much larger capacity of 750ml. This means fewer times of emptying the dustbin, saving time and effort.

Which one should we buy?

In past articles, We always encourage purchasing the robotic vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs. While Mop Station Pro offers superior performance and service, it’s important to consider your own circumstances before making a purchase. Here are a few situations where prioritizing the purchase of Vac Station may be more suitable:

  • Limited budget: If you have a limited budget and the advantages of Mop Station Pro are of lower importance in your decision-making criteria.
  • Desire for convenient self-emptying: The Vac Station comes with a self-emptying station that can hold dust, providing hassle-free cleaning for a month.

 Self-Empty Station of Vac Station
Self-Empty Station of Vac Station
  • Larger living space: If you have a larger home, the Vac Station offers a longer runtime of 200 minutes, which means it can cover a wider cleaning area compared to the Mop Station Pro.

In other words, when you don’t prioritize the above three points and you require a vacuum cleaner with better performance, you should prioritize Mop Station Pro.

Regardless of which product you choose, we believe that they will become reliable assistants in your home. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. Happy shopping!

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