Bridging the Cleaning Divide: Exploring the Features of Eufy Clean X9 Pro and RoboVac X8

Eufy robotic vacuum cleaners have gained immense popularity and become one of the most sought-after brands in the market. Renowned for their affordable prices, convenient accessory replacement and excellent cleaning performance, Eufy Clean X9 Pro and RoboVac X8 have established themselves as key players in the mid-range robotic vacuum segment.

In this article, we will delve deep into the features and capabilities of these two robotic vacuum cleaners. And also, helping you understand the differences between Eufy’s offerings and finding the perfect solution for your home cleaning needs.

The LOGO of Eufy
The LOGO of Eufy

Eufy Clean X9 Pro and RoboVac X8

The X8 series consists of two products, the X8 and the X8 Hybrid. The X8 Hybrid is priced $50 higher than the X8, with a retail price of $649.99. They share similar features such as No-go Zone Setting, Twin Turbine Technology, and AI Map 2.0 Technology.

However, the main difference lies in the fact that the X8 Hybrid has the capability to both vacuum and mop, along with an additional 250ml water tank. Besides, the X8 is limited to vacuuming only and does not have a water tank, although it does have a larger dust box size. This explains why the X8 Hybrid is priced higher than the X8.

On the other hand, the X9 Pro is Eufy’s latest vacuum and mop hybrid robot. It appears as an upgraded version of the X8 and X8 Hybrid with enhanced features. It offers superior cleaning power and an intelligent obstacle avoidance system, among other advancements. Of course, the X9 Pro comes at a higher price, priced at $899.99, which is $300 more than the X8.

Why is the X9 Pro better than the X8?

X9 Pro offers more functionalities than X8. The X9 Pro not only vacuums but also provides mopping capabilities, While X8 is solely a vacuum cleaner. X9 Pro is also equipped with an additional Auto-Clean Station. Once the robot completes its tasks, the Auto-Clean Station cleans and dries the mop, preventing bacterial growth and eliminating odors. X9 Pro also includes a carpet detection feature, automatically raising the mop by 12mm to maintain a dry cleaning process when encountering carpets.

Auto-Clean Station
Auto-Clean Station

There are three performance superiorities of the X9 Pro over the X8:

  • X9 Pro has Better cleaning power. Compared to the twin turbines of X8 with 2000Pa suction, X9 Pro has a suction of 5500Pa. Aditionally, it is equipped with two Mop Pads, whereas X8 Hybrid comes with a single regular Mop Pad. The auto-lift mop performs three rotations per second, applying a pressure of 1 kg, while working in conjunction with the powerful 5,500Pa suction to achieve thorough and deep cleaning. These designs effectively combat stubborn stains on the floor.
  • X9 Pro demonstrates higher intelligence. It utilizes AI Map 3.0 Technology, an upgrade from X8’s AI Map 2.0 Technology. It can used for real-time multi-floor mapping, selective room cleaning, and highlighting obstacles, which is AI Map 2.0 Technology can’t achiveves. X9 Pro distinctively incorporates an AI See System, utilizing 3D ToF sensors to avoid household objects.
  • X9 Pro exhibits better accessibility. Capable of traversing obstacles up to 20mm in height, whereas X8 has a maximum crossing capability of 18mm.

X9 Pro has two mop pads
X9 Pro has two mop pads

Our suggestions

It is undeniable that X9 Pro offers superior features compared to X8, but it doesn’t mean that choosing X9 Pro is necessarily the better option. X8 already meets the basic needs of users. We have identified two scenarios in which you may prioritize considering X8.

The first scenario is if you prioritize personal privacy and security. The X9 Pro features a camera, while X8 does not have this feature. Although the official statement assures that X9 Pro does not upload personal information, you may prefer not to take any unnecessary risks. The second scenario is if you have pets at home. X8’s Twin-Turbine Technology is more advantageous for effectively collecting pet hair.

The camera in X9 Pro
The camera in X9 Pro

In today’s fast-paced life, eufy Clean X9 Pro and RoboVac X8 have become trusted assistants for numerous households, providing convenient and efficient cleaning solutions. Through the comparison and evaluation in this article, I hope you can make a well-informed purchasing decision that suits your needs.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly. Wishing you an excellent experience in choosing and using eufy robotic vacuum cleaners!

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