Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra & S8 Pro Ultra–New Model More Worthwhile?

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, which launched in 2022, stands as a high-end machine. The S8 PRO ULTRA is a high-end machine that was released in 2023. The newly released S8 PRO ULTRA more worthy of purchase compared to the older model?


The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and S7 MaxV Ultra both have a automated dock. What are the distinguishing features of their respective docking stations? The docking station of the S7 MaxV Ultra is slightly smaller, because, the S8 Pro Ultra features an added Auto Mop Drying function.


Let us refocus our attention on the robot itself. The new robot vacuum has introduced the functionality of Automatic brush lifting. Although the practicality of this feature remains uncertain.

Furthermore, the S8 Pro Ultra implements a dual brush combo on the main brush for a more powerful cleaning. The implementation of dual rollers enables it to be more effective in dealing with hair and fur, especially for carpet.

However, according to some user feedbacks from reddit, the S7 MaxV Ultra has shown better performance on hard floors. Although, the S8 Pro Ultra having a stronger suction power of 6000pa but the S7 MaxV Ultra’s suction power of only 5100pa.

The S8 Pro Ultra incorporates the VibraRise 2.0 Mopping System, augmenting the vibration modules twofold. This means that the S8 Pro Ultra has a widened mopping zone.

The older model has a detachable water tank, while the new model has an integrated one that cannot be removed. Many people prefer the detachable option because in certain situations, the self-cleaning function may not effectively clean, requiring manual disassembly for thorough cleaning. Otherwise, unpleasant odors or mold may occur.

S8 Pro Ultra

The S7 MaxV Ultra features an RGB camera, which is absent in the S8 Pro Ultra. Consequently, the new model is unable to provide a live view of the home on a mobile device. Also, because of this aspect, the older model actually possesses a certain advantage in terms of obstacle avoidance.

S7 MaxV Ultra

The S7 MaxV Ultra has a price of 1099$, while the S8 Pro Ultra has a price of 1599$. Is the 500$ price difference worth it? If you highly value full automation or if most areas of your home have carpeting. Then it is definitely worth it. Otherwise, the S7 MaxV Ultra offers better value for money.

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