What’s the Difference Between Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 and S10+?

In the field of smart home appliances, Xiaomi has launched two highly acclaimed robotic vacuum cleaners: Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ and Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10. Each of these robots possesses unique features and functions, providing consumers with a more intelligent and efficient cleaning experience. This article delves into the differences between them to help you understand their distinctions and make an informed choice that best suits your household needs.

The LOGO of Mijia
The LOGO of Mijia

What are Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 and S10+?

Xiaomi has designed the S10 and S10+ to autonomously clean various floor surfaces, including hardwood and tile. Both models feature the LDS Laser navigation system and offer a suction power of approximately 4000Pa, allowing them to effectively perform floor cleaning tasks. Both products can be remotely controlled through MI home or Xiaomi home, Clean the home automatically wherever you are.

Remote control via the Xiaomi/Mi Home app
Remote control via the Xiaomi/Mi Home app

The S10+ is an upgraded version of the S10, with improvements and enhancements made based on the S10’s foundation. It provides superior performance and additional features. As a result, the S10+ is priced 50% higher than the S10, at around $450.

The advanced features of S10+ than Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ has several unique features. For instance, it exhibits stronger cleaning power with its double-layer composite mop pads. These mop pads, made of woven fabrics (80% polyester + 20% modified polypropylene fiber), ensure even moisture retention. This design enables the S10+ to effectively remove stains from the floor during mopping.

S10+ has double-layer composite mop pads
S10+ has double-layer composite mop pads

Additionally, A more sensitive position identification system is equipped in the S10+, which includes carpet edge recognition to prevent dampening the carpet with the mop. It also features laser navigation, enabling 3D obstacle avoidance in low-light environments, reducing collisions.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+
S10+can prevent mounting the carpet

Choose the product that suits you best.

Better performance does not necessarily mean it is more suitable for you. According to data, S10+ has a larger cleaning area, approximately 200 square meters, while S10 covers only 150 square meters. Before making a purchase decision, you can estimate the size of your residence. If it is smaller than 150 square meters, the cleaning area of S10 would be sufficient.

Undoubtedly, S10+ serves as an advanced version, with a higher price tag and superior performance. However, before making a purchasing decision, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate these two machines and select the model that best suits your preferences.

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