How to choose your Roborock robot in the Q Revo, Q7 series, S8 series?

In our previous articles, we have conducted various analyses and comparisons of several products under the Roborock brand. Today, we will provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted comparison among the Roborock Q Revo, Q7 series, and S8 series, aiming to help you find the most suitable Roborock robot for yourself among a wider range of options.

The LOGO of roborock
The LOGO of Roborock

In order to facilitate the understanding of these products, we will introduce them one by one, from rich to poor, in order of function.

Roborock robot Q7 series


Roborock Q7 is a versatile robot that combines vacuuming and mopping capabilities. It features a traditional mopping design with a central brush, a side brush, and a mop pad at the back. With a suction power of 2700Pa, it effectively cleans dust, debris, and pet hair from the floor.

Traditional mopping design
Traditional mopping design

The Roborock Q7 utilizes advanced LDS laser navigation system, which allows precise identification and positioning of the home environment, enabling it to create accurate maps of the house. It is highly intelligent and can be connected to smart assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. Additionally, it offers customizable cleaning modes to cater to individual cleaning preferences.


Roborock Q7+ shares the same basic functionalities as the Q7, but it comes with an upgrade—a self-emptying dock. This dock allows for automatic emptying of the robot’s dustbin. With each cleaning session, it will automatically empty the contents into a 2.5-liter dust bag. Therefore, This feature provides added convenience as it reduces the frequency of manual emptying and allows for longer uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

 Automatic emptying of the robot's dustbin
Automatic emptying of the robot’s dustbin


Q7 MAX does not have a self-emptying dock. In comparison to the Q7+, it primarily differs in terms of certain functional parameters. For instance, its dustbin capacity has reduced by 280ml, now only at 470ml. On the other hand, the water tank capacity has increased by 170ml, now at 350ml. Additionally, it has also enhanced suction power by 1500Pa, reaching 4200Pa.

The Q7 MAX series has a unique design feature where it has only one mopping pad, but it applies a pressure of 300g on its mopping pad. This enhances the cleaning performance of the robot.


Q7 MAX+ is an upgraded version of the Q7 MAX, so their basic functionalities are the same. However, it comes with an additional feature, an automatic emptying dock, similar to the Q7+. The automatic emptying dock will empty the robot’s dust into a 2.5-liter dust bag, allowing for up to 7 weeks of operation without the need for emptying.

Roborock robot Q Revo,Q7 MAX, Q7 MAX+

Roborock robot Q Revo

Roborock Q Revo features a dual-mop design that combines both vacuuming and mopping functions.

Dual-mop design
Dual-mop design

Because Q Revo has upgraded all its functions, resulting in a higher price point. It offers remarkable convenience with automatic mop cleaning, automatic mop drying, auto tank refilling, and automatic dust emptying.

Automatic mop cleaning and automatic mop drying
Automatic mop cleaning and automatic mop drying

It is also highly intelligent, equipped with ultrasonic carpet sensing technology. When on a carpet, the mop automatically adjusts its height. It utilizes reactive tech obstacle avoidance for efficient navigation. Additionally, its cleaning power is impressive, with the dual-mop rotating at a speed of 200 revolutions per minute under a certain downward pressure.

Roborock robot Mop lifting
Mop lifting

Roborock robot S8 series

The S8 series consists of three models: S8, S8+, and S8 Pro Ultra. As indicated by the model names, they offer progressively advanced features.

Roborock robot S8 Pro Ultra, S8, S8 +


The S8 model shares some similarities with the Q7, both in terms of appearance and functionality. It features a traditional single mop design, equipped with one side brush, and does not include a docking station. However, the S8 delivers better performance compared to the Q7.

Cleaner. The S8 stands out with its unique VibraRise Mopping System, which utilizes ultrasonic vibration on the mop pad. With over 3,000 scrubs per minute and a mop pressure of over 6N, it achieves a 30% higher stain removal efficiency compared to traditional mops and leaves behind fewer residues compared to spinning mops.

The mop pad vibrates under ultrasound
The mop pad vibrates under ultrasound

More intelligent. It incorporates ultrasonic carpet detection technology, enabling the mop pad to automatically rise by 5mm when encountering carpets. Additionally, it utilizes ractive tech obstacle avoidance, which effectively helps the robot navigate around obstacles both during the day and at night.

Identify and avoid potential hazards on the floor in bright and dark rooms
Identify and avoid potential hazards on the floor in bright and dark rooms


S8+ is an upgraded version of the S8. Apart from the additional features, they are largely similar in other aspects. The S8+ includes an automatic dust emptying docking station.

S8 Pro Ultra

The S8 Pro Ultra lives up to its name with its rich set of features. It offers the same functionalities as the S8, and additionally includes auto mop washing, auto mop drying, auto tank refilling, auto dust emptying, and automatic brush lifting. Of course, with the increased functionalities, it may occupy more space in the home.

Summary of Roborock robot

To facilitate understanding, we have created a functional model formula based on the characteristics of different models:

  • Q7 Plus = Q7+ automatic dust emptying
  • Q7 MAX = Q7 Plus – automatic dust emptying
  • Q7 MAX Plus = Q7 MAX + automatic dust emptying
  • Q Revo = Q7 MAX Plus + auto mop washing + auto mop drying + auto tank refilling + automatic mop lifting + obstacle avoidance
  • S8 = Q7 + vibraRise mopping system + obstacle avoidance + mop lifting
  • S8 Plus = S8 + automatic dust emptying
  • S8 Pro Ultra = S8 Plus + auto mop washing + auto mop drying + auto tank refilling + automatic brush lifting.

In addition, here is a comparison table highlighting the basic information differences:

Q7 Q7 +Q7 MAXQ7 MAX+Q RevoS8S8+S8 Pro Ultra
Dustbin Volume(ml)750750470470350400350350
Water Tank Capacity(ml)18018035035080300300200
Basic information

How to choose the most suitable Roborock robot?

We have always emphasized in our previous articles the importance of considering one’s own circumstances and needs when selecting a product, rather than simply pursuing performance.
We have listed the following factors and provided a rough ranking as a reference for purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner (from high to low):

  • Cleaning performance: S8 series, Q Revo, Q7 MAX & Q7 MAX+, Q7 & Q7+
  • Richness of features: Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, Q Revo, S8+, S8, Q7 MAX+, Q7 MAX, Q7+
  • Price: S8 Pro Ultra, S8+, Q Revo, Q7 MAX+, S8, Q7 MAX, Q7+
  • Intelligent navigation: S8 series, Q Revo, Q7 series.

In a word, based on the above factors, you can make a comparison and prioritize the factors that are most important to you in order to make a purchasing decision.

Regardless of which product you choose, we believe that they will become reliable assistants in your home. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. Happy shopping!

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