Rumor: Roborock Joins the smart car battle

Roborock Joins Smart Car Battle: 36 Kr learned from a number of industry sources, Xiaomi ecological chain company Roborock has been down to build a car, Roborock founder and CEO Chang Jing personally, the establishment of an independent car company, Roborock at the same time also to the Roborock Car company capital. Like the ideal car, Roborock Car first car choose the extended-range technology route, the initial product positioning is similar to the Mercedes-Benz G series of hard-core off-road models.

Roborock joins the Smart Car War
HK0XAD View through the windscreen at the Autobahn A46 nearby Wuppertal

Sources told 36 Kr that Roborock’s car-making project had been launched at the end of 2020, with an angel round valuation of $240 million, and Roborock’s old shareholders Gaorong Capital, Northern Light Ventures and other institutions have invested in the project. Yan Feng, the former CTO of WM Motor Technology(Weltmeister), has also joined Roborock’s car-making project.

Roborock is a star company in the Xiaomi ecological chain, with its main business being intelligent cleaning hardware such as sweeping robots, whose main products are Xiaomi custom brand Mijia intelligent sweeping robots, Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaners, and its own brand Roborock intelligent sweeping robots and Xiaowa intelligent sweeping robots. in February 2020, Roborock landed on the science and technology board(SSE), and its current market value has reached RMB 77 billion.

Roborock Brand
Roborock now is the Top Brand in China

For the rumors of building a car, Roborock said that the project is not directly related to Roborock, Roborock is not involved. Roborock focuses on technology innovation and is committed to the development of intelligent hardware.

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