SwitchBot K10+ Review

As technology advances, smart home products are becoming an integral part of modern living. SwitchBot, a renowned brand in the smart home industry, particularly excels in the Japanese market. This article provides an in-depth SwitchBot K10+ review. We explored its design, features, and user experience to offer readers a comprehensive understanding.

SwitchBot K10+ Review


The SwitchBot K10+ is a robot vacuum cleaner that combines vacuuming and mopping functionalities. Sporting a circular body with a prominent central tower, it features a traditional semi-circular mop, a side brush, and a main brush at the bottom. The package includes a charging station used to empty the dust collected by the robot.

The bottom of the robot
The bottom of the robot

Current the SwitchBot K10+ support features include:

  • self-cleaning
  • voice assistant compatibility
  • restricted area settings
  • carpet recognition
  • the ability to overcome obstacles up to 2cm.

SwitchBot K10+ Review: Advantages

Positioned as a mid-range model, the SwitchBot K10+ comes at a reasonable price, with an approximate reference price on Amazon around $500. In comparison to other models within this price range, it boasts several advantages.

Compact Design

The SwitchBot K10+ is a compact robot with a diameter of only 248mm and a height of 92mm, making it possibly one of the smallest on the market. Its small size enables it to conveniently clean more areas.

Low Noise Level

While the suction power of the SwitchBot K10+ is not exceptionally strong, at 2500Pa, it results in a lower operating noise. According to official data, its noise level is approximately 48 decibels, whereas high-end robots on the market typically have noise levels around 60 decibels.

Market Feedback

As of now, the product has garnered 34 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.5. User feedback aligns with the characteristics of this model: space-saving and quiet operation. Some negative reviews highlight issues with the application experience and the unsuitability of the mopping function for uneven surfaces.

Conclusion of the SwitchBot K10+ Review

Based on the information available, this model may not stand out prominently in the market, but its strengths are clear. It is particularly suitable for individuals with smaller living spaces who prioritize a quiet and efficient cleaning experience.

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