SwitchBot S10 Review

SwitchBot S10 Review
SwitchBot S10 Review

In the field of robotic vacuum cleaners, numerous brands are constantly innovating, designing robots to be increasingly convenient. The recently launched SwitchBot S10 is a highly anticipated robotic vacuum cleaner. Its fresh design and advanced features set it apart in the competitive market. In our SwitchBot S10 review, we discovered many impressive features.


The SwitchBot S10 comes equipped with an auto-empty station and a water station. The robot weighs 4.2kg and has dimensions of 365mm in width and 115mm in height. Similar to most robotic vacuum cleaners, it features a circular body design, with sensors protruding from the top like a tower.

Features of SwitchBot S10

As a vacuum and mop hybrid, the SwitchBot S10 is comparable to top-tier robotic vacuum cleaners from brands like Roborock and Ecovacs. The S10 possesses all the standard features of high-end robotic vacuum cleaners:

  • Powerful suction
  • Long runtime
  • Laser radar mapping
  • Virtual restricted zones
  • Cleaning specific rooms
  • AI-driven obstacle avoidance
  • Self-cleaning mop capability

Highlights of SwitchBot S10

Rolling Brush Mopping

Distinguishing itself from other vacuum cleaners, the SwitchBot S10 employs rolling brush mopping technology. During the mopping process, water is sprayed onto the rolling mop, achieving simultaneous cleaning of the floor and mop. When the robot detects a carpet, the mop automatically retracts into the robot, stopping the water spray.

When the robot returns to the charging dock, the mop is automatically cleaned and quickly dried, eliminating the need for users to manually remove or clean the mop. This unique design enhances the intelligence and convenience of the cleaning process.

Abandoning the Base Station

SwitchBot S10 discards the bulky three-in-one base station design (charging station, water tank, dust collector) and instead comes with a separate water station, connecting to the household water system for drainage and water supply.

The SwitchBot S10 water station does not require users to replace batteries; it charges in reverse when connected to the robot. Unlike other robots that require complex installation for water supply, SwitchBot S10’s water station simplifies the process by connecting to clean water and drainage systems, similar to a washing machine.

Transporting Purified Water

A unique feature of the SwitchBot S10 is its ability to link the water station with a humidifier. After filling the water station, the S10 transports purified water to SwitchBot’s humidifier, reducing manual intervention.

Conclusion of the SwitchBot S10 Review

The SwitchBot S10 excels in liberating users from manual cleaning tasks. Functionally, it stands out even among high-end models. For those seeking maximum convenience, the SwitchBot S10 is an excellent choice.

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