The introduction of Dyson’s accessories and tools

The vast array of Dyson accessories makes it a trouble to choose and use them correctly.
The comparison about various Dyson tools

Can you distinguish them?

In this article you will find out exactly how to use and what these accessories‘ function.

The dust in the home environment is everywhere. For example, like furniture, appliances will not clean the surface for a long time, and also attached too much dust. However, some Detailed objects are not easy to clean, and accumulate dust due to their irregular surfaces.
How do you deal with dust? Conventional dusting tools may use coarse bristles that can inadvertently scratch the surface and the object cleaned. Especially when dealing with easily damaged materials. Such as TV screens and monitors, the hard bristles can easily scratch these items . It is so difficult to maintain surfaces.

The Scratch-free dusting brush is a great solution about this problem. As they made from 8,100 ultrafine bristles ( Densely packed PBT polymer filaments and softer than nylon). The tip as fine as 0.05 mm. And which makes the brush’s fineness and softness apparent in the hand. In deed, with this brush, users can clean each kind of surfaces.

Scratch-free dusting brush

Scratch-free dusting brush

Use Occasion of Scratch-free dusting brush
self-cleaning function

In addition, it is equipped with the self-cleaning function. And also. Which allows dust and debris to be sucked from the bristles with a gentle rotation of the catches for easy and hygienic bristle cleaning.

Awkward gap tool

Awkward gap tool

Let me introduce all features about the awkward gap tool

  • Twists 22° : The optimum angle for cleaning the hardest-to-reach places around your home or car.
  • Sliding brush : With stiff nylon bristles to help loosen stubborn dirt when you need it.
  • 349mm long : 41mm longer than our standard Crevice tool. To clean even deeper into tight spots. And reach what’s normally unreachable.
  • Slim 11mm profile – Engineered to reach and clean deep into narrow gaps.
Twists 22° - The optimum angle for cleaning the hardest-to-reach places around your home or car.

The Dyson trigger lock!

For now, more and more stick vacuums are equipped with a so-called trigger button. You have to keep pressing these buttons in order to vacuum the dust. When you release the button, the hoover switches off. This tends to be a lot of effort if used for a long time.

Almost each of Dyson is equipped with such a trigger button. Is it possible to lock this Dyson trigger button? If it is possible, how do you do this. I did some research and found a handy gadget for locking the button for your Dyson: the Dyson trigger lock!

How to use the trigger lock?
Free your hands. With the trigger lock.

The Dyson Trigger Lock is a very simple piece of plastic. You don’t need any tools to install this gadget on your Dyson. You slide it on your Dyson, as it were, right in front of the Trigger button. By pulling the red lever back, the Trigger button under pressed.

➡➡➡ In the video link. I will show you how to use this trigger lock.

Light pipe crevice tool

Light pipe crevice tool

The crevice tool with LED lights lets you reach into dark, narrow spaces and see where you are cleaning. LED lights reflect along two pipes to the end of the tool and scatter an even, torch-like light to Illuminate dust and debris. Engineered to reach up to 9in into tight, narrow spaces as small as 0.7in. Dirt has nowhere to hide.

Tap this video link to get more details. 👈👈👈

Based on years of dust researching and insight into user needs. Dyson’s new upgrade to the hoover category is designed to help users efficiently and easily deal with the deep cleaning needs of the whole house, laying a stable foundation for a healthy and better home environment.

As a leader in cleaning revolution. Dyson is committed to “solving the problems that others tend to ignore”, while constantly developing and introducing innovative technology.

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