The Sudden Noise of Your Vacuum Cleaner

The sudden noise of your vacuum cleaner. What if you have a different kind of query, like when you first purchased your vacuum it was quiet. But all of a sudden it has gotten much louder?

We have put together some tips on finding the reason why.

Check the filter

The main reason for a vacuum cleaner going from quiet to suddenly noisy is a dirty filter. When the filter is dirty or clogged, the vacuum will work harder to suck up the dirt that leads to a louder noise.

If you pay close attention to your vacuum cleaner, you will notice that it has also lost power. It is then best to wash and wait for it to dry completely or replace the filter and then check to see if it sounds better.

Clogged up Hose

If the hose has, something lodged inside it will often make a loud sound when the air is trying to flow past it. It will also seem that your vacuum cleaner has no suction power.

Disconnect the hose from the vacuum cleaner, clean the hose thoroughly, and make sure that whatever was lodged inside is out.

Check the vacuum’s fan

If the fan of your vacuum is broken or clogged. It will make a louder noise. Cleaning it if it is clogged or replace the fan if there is any sign of damage.

Check if the brush bearing is broken

However, a broken brush bearing can often cause more vibrations when used, making the vacuum sound louder. To decrease the noises check if the brush is broken.

There is nothing more irritating to you and those around than the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner. If you would like to keep the peace and enjoy cleaning your home. It is best to know how many decibels is a vacuum cleaner.

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