Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Vacuum Robot 2 C101 Unboxing

In this article, we aim to introduce the latest Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner : Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Vacuum Robot 2. Model Number: C101

Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Vacuum Robot 2 C101

Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Vacuum Robot 2 launched in May 2023. It is equipped with the majority of practical features in the current market’s robot vacuums. Moreover, it offered a lower price. The affordable flagship machine.

LDS Laser Navigation

By adopting the LDS (Laser Distance Scanning) laser navigation technology, it achieve whole-house scanning, rapid mapping and precise planning of cleaning paths, and improved cleaning efficiency.

Additionally, the device is equipped with a TOF sensor, which works in conjunction with LDS laser navigation to detect obstacles and effectively minimize collisions and entanglements during the cleaning process.

LDS Laser Navigation and TOF sensor

The detachable dual-rotating mop

The dual-rotating mops rotate at high speeds to simulate the effect of manual pressure mopping. It is greatly improving the cleaning power and effectively removing wet, dry and other stains.

In addition. The robot equipped with intelligent lifting function, it automatically lifts when returning to the base station for Mop cleaning. Avoiding secondary contamination of the floor.

Water-absorbent fibers (80% polyester + 20% modified polypropylene fibre) ensure efficient moisture retention and leave no stains during the cleaning process.

Stronger suction power allows you to clean your home more efficiently. With the 5000Pa suction power, your daily cleaning needs can be met easily. Furthermore, the 4 suction power settings allow you to clear away dust, hair and large particles in one go.

The detachable dual-rotating mop

Base Station

Base Station Function

The machine automatically returns to the base station after cleaning each area. Avoiding to contamine the entire house by dirty mop cloths. The base station rapidly scrapes and washes the mop cloths. Then air-dried mop coths at high temperature to accelerate moisture evaporation and prevent bacterial growth.

Additionally , the cleaning rack features a detachable design. Making it easily to remove and clean. Thus avoiding the accumulation of stains.

UNBOXING Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Vacuum Robot 2. Model Number: C101 by techTongBo

techTongBo (also named: Nanjing TongBo / NJTB) is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture and sales of vacuum cleaner accessories. We offer replacement accessories for the global market that are compatible with mainstream vacuum cleaner brands and have stronger price advantages.

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  1. 1) How to change the Xiomi Self cleaning vaccum cleaner (model C101)language from chinese to english?
    2) How can i buy the spare parts like mop in India?

    • You can try using a paired app to set the language.
      Search on Indian e-commerce websites to see if there are suppliers selling online.

  2. I’m having trouble pairing my Mi Home app (downloaded on a samsung phone) to the Mijia Robot vacuum cleaner 2. Everything is on chinese so i’m having a hard time. I’ve pressed both buttons (power and home) at the same time for 7 seconds and it said something about WIFI but I opened the Mi Home app and it didn’t find the robot. Are there any specifics steps to take? Any help will be very much appreciated!

  3. Simply change your location to China and you’ll find the robot.
    Had hard time on this point too but now everything’s at It’s best.


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