AliExpress store shipments after Chinese New Year

The 2-week long Chinese New Year holiday had just passed and our AliExpress stores generated a large number of orders. Our two AliExpress stores had accumulated about 2,500 orders in total, so we put a lot of manpower into processing these orders on the first business day after the holiday, but obviously it took us a long time to resolve such a huge volume of orders. There was also a steady stream of new orders being generated on the stores every day.

Chines New Year Affect AliExpress Store’s Shipping

At the same time we have thousands of orders to process on our domestic e-commerce platform in China, and it takes more time to ship a large number of orders, and it is difficult to quickly invest manpower and time to solve all this at the moment when the Chinese New Year holiday has just passed. So the delivery time of orders is not guaranteed.

And because the factory’s Spring Festival holiday time is longer, a single encounter certain accessories out of stock, then for a long time we can not restore the supply in time. So many orders will not be sent out in time, or even until the delivery overruns, and the order is cancelled.

We couldn’t stop selling on the AliExpress platform either, because if we stopped selling it would have an impact on the entire store traffic, which made it very difficult.

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