Botslab Robot Vacuum Brand Introduction

Botslab Robot Vacuum, a rising star in the field of vacuum cleaners, emerged as a dark horse in the market. During the 2022 Prime Day promotion season, its sales on major platforms surged by more than 15 times, ranking among the top 10 best-selling products on Amazon. Undoubtedly, Botlab’s products is making a significant impact in this industry.

Logo of botslab
Logo of botslab

In this article, we will introduce you to the Botslab brand, delve into the reasons behind its market success, and provide a comprehensive evaluation based on user feedback. Our aim is to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Background of Botslab Robot Vacuum

Botslab Robot Vacuum is an overseas subsidiary brand of 360 Smart Life Group, established in 2020. 360 Smart Life is also involved in vacuum cleaner manufacturing. On both brands’ official websites, it’s evident that Botslab robotic vacuum cleaner and 360’s robot robotic vacuum cleaner, share similarities, with parameters and functions being largely the same. Some models only undergo a name change.

Botslab Brand

We speculate that 360 introduced the Botslab brand to expand into the international market while pursuing a distinct identity. This branding strategy retains the same models but with different names. We look forward to seeing Botslab introduce more independent models in the future.

Characteristics of Botslab products

Currently, the hot-selling models from Botslab include S8, S10, C50, and S8 PULS. Among them, S8 PULS stands out with its self-emptying base feature. Since Botslab’s products are gaining traction in the market, there must be distinctive attributes contributing to its success. Let’s explore some of these brand features.

Rear-Suction Dust Collection and Short Air Duct Technology

S8 PULS is equipped with a base for dust collection, enhancing its efficiency. The integration of strong suction power with a short air duct reduces the collection time and prevents blockages in the pathway.

Fast Dust Collection in Botslab Robot Vacuum
Fast Dust Collection in Botslab Robot Vacuum

AI-POWERED 3D VISION in Botslab Robot Vacuum

S10 is equipped with one LDS laser and two OLS lasers, coupled with aerospace-grade dToF technology and SLAM algorithm. This empowers the robot to create accurate room maps and plan optimal routes. Consequently, the robot avoids getting stuck in confined spaces, ensuring smoother navigation.

AI-POWERED 3D VISION in Botslab Robot Vacuum
AI-POWERED 3D VISION in Botslab Robot Vacuum

Brand Feedback

On the Amazon platform, the top three Botslab Robot Vacuum models, namely S8, S8 PULS, and S10, have average ratings of 4.2, 4.1, and 3.9, respectively. Given that the most popular vacuum cleaners on Amazon typically receive ratings between 4.1 and 4.4, Botslab’s performance is noteworthy. This positive feedback reflects why Botslab has established itself well in the market, offering users a satisfying experience.

Botslab S8 Botslab S8 plus Botslab S10

Through a synthesis of user reviews, we have also gleaned a more realistic view of Botslab Robot. The aspects users find satisfying include:

Areas of improvement include:

  • Less convenient app design
  • Intermittent internet connectivity issues


Botslab is a relatively new brand backed by 360 Smart Life Group. Their robot vacuum cleaners have demonstrated solid performance and earned considerable market recognition. If you are in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner, Botslab Robot Vacuum can certainly be a viable option to consider.

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