Is the Bissell ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop Worth Buying?

With the rapid advancement of technology, numerous vacuum cleaner brands have sprung up worldwide, including names like Roborock, Xiaomi, Deebot, among others. The competition in this dynamic market is intensifying, as each brand strives to introduce smarter and more efficient vacuuming solutions. Among these options is the Bissell ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop, a product that adds to the innovation.

Bissell ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop
Bissell ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop

Bissell, as a significant player in the vacuum cleaner industry, originated in the 19th century. It boasting a century-old history and extensive manufacturing experience, garnering a solid reputation. In this article, we delve into Bissell’s most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner, ReadyClean A3, and answer the question of whether Bissell’s robotic vacuum cleaner is worth the investment.

The features of ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop

Offering versatile cleaning capabilities, this intelligent cleaning machine excels in both wet and dry cleaning tasks. Additionally, it comes with a docking station and boasts the following features:

  • Touch-free automatic mop pad swapping technology. It is a unique function not commonly found in other robot models we previously discussed. The ReadyClean A3 automatically returns to its dock after completing its cleaning task, facilitating the automatic swapping of mop pads for the next cleaning cycle.
  • Auto-lift mop pad capability. When the ReadyClean A3 encounters surfaces that require the mop pad to be lifted, such as carpets, or before returning to its dock, it raises the mop pad automatically. This allows it to navigate through complex terrains, preventing cross-contamination and bacterial spread.
No Touch Auto Pad Management
No Touch Auto Pad Management

Price on Amazon

It’s worth noting that the official price of the ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop on the brand’s website is $749.99, while purchasing the same model on Amazon costs around $300. The factor behind this substantial price difference is quite straightforward: poor user experience that has contributed to the product’s depreciation.

Feedback of ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop

On Amazon’s product review section, It receives an average rating of 2.7 out of 5, compared to the 4.2 rating of the popular Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum.

Customer reviews on Amazon
Customer reviews on Amazon

I’ve summarized some of the negative reviews for the ReadyClean A3 Robotic Mop, including:


We believe that the ReadyClean A3 falls short in delivering its promised value. Its limited features cannot mask the subpar user experience it provides. Furthermore, its performance within the same price range of competing models is lackluster.

Our recommendation is that if you’re interested in this product, consider purchasing it for no more than $300 to avoid unnecessary expenditure. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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