DreameBot L20 Ultra Review

From September 1st to 5th, 2023, at the world’s largest trade show for home appliances and consumer electronics, IFA 2023, Dreame unveiled its latest generation robot vacuum cleaner, the DreameBot L20 Ultra. As the newest addition to the Dreame brand, what unique features does the L20 Ultra offer? In this DreameBot L20 Ultra Review, we will delve into the unique features of Dreame’s newest addition.

DreameBot L20 Ultra
DreameBot L20 Ultra

DreameBot L20 Ultra Review: Basic Functions

At first glance, it comes equipped with a docking station, implying a high level of intelligence. In fact, it boasts automatic emptying, self-cleaning mop, self-drying mop, automatic water replenishment, and dual mop pads with added floor pressure.

This robot also offers peace of mind as it supports app-based cleaning settings, zone cleaning, and virtual no-go zones. When it encounters carpets, it can automatically raise the mop pad.

When encountering a carpet, the mop will rise
When encountering a carpet, the mop will rise

DreameBot L20 Ultra Review: Key Highlights

Edge Cleaning: One of the most noteworthy features of this model is its edge cleaning technology. When the robot vacuum’s position sensors detect walls, it extends the mop pad outward to get closer to the wall. As a result, the rotating mop pad effectively cleans the edges near walls. Unlike other robot vacuums on the market, there’s no need for a second pass to clean along the walls.

When the robot detects a wall, it extends the mop pad.

Powerful Suction: It’s not hard to notice that many of the latest robot vacuum models boast powerful suction capabilities. The DreameBot L20 Ultra offers a suction power of 7000pa, which is essentially at the top of the industry. This strong suction ensures a high level of cleaning efficiency, further enhancing debris and pet hair removal.

Equipped with LED Lights: Due to the DreameBot L20 Ultra’s navigation system being AI-powered and based on 3D structural light, unlike radar-based navigation robots, it requires some level of light. To meet users’ cleaning needs at night, the robot vacuum features LED lights at the front to aid in nighttime navigation.


It’s important to note that since this model was recently released, there is very limited user experience feedback in the market, making current DreameBot L20 Ultra reviews somewhat less accurate. However, if you are in the market for an advanced robot vacuum cleaner to streamline your home cleaning efforts, I believe the L20 Ultra is worth considering.

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