The Reasons Behind a Water Tank in Robot Vacuum Cleaner Not Releasing Water

Many users encounter a common issue when using robot vacuum cleaners: the water tank in vacuum cleaner doesn’t release water, significantly affecting its cleaning effectiveness. In this article, we will analyze the reasons behind this problem and provide solutions.

Water Tank in Vacuum Cleaner
Water Tank in Vacuum Cleaner

How The Water Tank in Vacuum Cleaner Works

Typically, when a robot vacuum cleaner starts operating, a water pump draws water from the tank and transports it through a pipeline to the mop pad, where it is used to clean dirt and dust from the floor.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Cause 1: Pump Malfunction.

One common reason for a non-dispensing water tank is a malfunctioning water pump. Over time, these pumps may experience electronic component or circuitry damage, or they might get clogged by dust particles during operation.

If the pump is faulty, contact the manufacturer or customer support for repair or replacement.

Water pump
Water pump

Cause 2: Blocked Transport Pipeline

It’s a prevalent issue where the transport pipeline becomes clogged, especially when the water it carries contains a lot of dust and debris. Addtionally, The dust and debris can also lead to an unpleasant odor in your water tank.

The solution is turn off the robot and disconnect the power. lear blockages within the pipeline, you can pour a mild acid solution, such as vinegar, into the pipeline.

Cause 3: Blocked Water Outlet

Another common issue is a blocked water outlet. Due to the small size of the outlet, it can easily become obstructed by larger debris or fibers.

The solution is use small needles or similar tools to clear blockages from the water outlet.

Water Outlet

Cause 4: Damaged Water Tank

Many robot vacuum cleaners have sealing rings in their water tanks to prevent leaks. If these seals are worn or damaged, it may lead to the water tank not releasing water.

The solution is replace the old water tank with a new one.

A brand new water tank

Final Thoughts and Solutions

Please note that different robot vacuum cleaners have their own unique features and designs, and the causes for the water tank not releasing water can vary. If the above methods don’t resolve your issue, consult your robot vacuum cleaner’s user manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

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