How to Evaluate the Quality of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories?

If you are planning to purchase a batch of vacuum cleaner accessories, you’ve probably heard salespeople claim, Our product quality is the best!“. This raises the question of where exactly the quality of vacuum cleaner accessories is manifested.

In this article, we will address this question to help you accurately assess product quality.

Some common vacuum cleaner accessories.

The Relationship between Materials and the Quality of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

The materials used are one of the most straightforward indicators of the quality of vacuum cleaner accessories. Let’s take the common example of the roller brush, one of the components in vacuum cleaner parts. Roller brushes need to withstand the high-speed impact of dust and particles, requiring high strength.

Some manufacturers use “PA6+30GF,” which is an engineering plastic widely used in automotive structural components and load-bearing parts due to its excellent strength. However, some manufacturers use rubber materials, which are more conducive to preventing hair entanglement and are more wear-resistant.

Roborock S7's roller brush is made of rubber material.
Roborock S7’s roller brush is made of rubber material.


Compatibility determines whether this accessory can be used on a vacuum cleaner. Generally, third-party accessories may have poorer compatibility compared to accessories from the original brand. This may be reflected in dimensions, shapes, or the inability to fit perfectly onto the vacuum cleaner. It potentially leading to looseness or even an inability to install.

Amazon's user review on quality of vacuum cleaner accessories
Amazon’s user review on quality of vacuum cleaner accessories

Quality Standards

Judging the quality of an accessory based on the standards it complies with is another common approach. Some common certifications include ISO certification issued by the International Organization for Standardization, CE certification in the European Union, environmental certifications like ROHS, and China’s CQC product quality certification. The more certifications a vacuum cleaner accessory complies with, the more reliable its quality assurance.

Additionally, For certain components like HEPA filters, you can assess product quality based on its grade. The higher the grade, the better the filtration effect, indicating better quality HEPA filters. Here’s a reference table for HEPA filter grades:

HEPA GradeTotal Filtration EfficiencyLocal Filtration Efficiency
E10> 85%
E11 (H11)> 95%
E12 (H12)> 99.5%
H13> 99.95%> 99.75%
H14> 99.995%> 99.975%
U15> 99.9995%> 99.9975%
U16> 99.99995%> 99.99975%
U17> 99.999995%> 99.9999%
HEPA filter grades

Conclusion to Quality of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

The quality of a vacuum cleaner accessory is specifically manifested in the materials used, compatibility, and compliance with quality standards. A high-quality vacuum cleaner accessory will provide users with a better customer experience.

Furthermore, we recommend that if you are highly concerned about product quality, aside from considering the above product information, you should also obtain physical samples and directly test the product to gather more detailed insights. Finally, if you seek vacuum cleaner accessories with a higher quality guarantee, please contact [email protected].

The Relationship between Materials and the Quality of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
The “techtongbo” brand nozzle on the right side is more durable.

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